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How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps

How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps

by Andrew Rowe narrated by Suzy Jackson and Steve West


I got this for free back when Audible let you choose a free book from a list every month. I added it to my library and promptly forgot about it. Then yesterday I was wanting to listen to something while driving but didn’t want to start a real book, and I found this in my library, It is only 5.5 hrs long and I listen at 1.3x speed so I could listen to it in just over 4 hours.

I was looking for a fun, easy listen and this book delivered! GoodReads lists it as young adult but I would have classified it as middle grade. There was no romance and no super tough themes, just a fun adventure in a RPG / D&D style world. In the word of Yui Shaw you know what your level and class are and you know when you gain experience points. (I thought this was a super creative way to turn D&D into a book!) The characters are also aware that their lives follow a pattern … Every hundred years a Hero Class hero is supposed to be born, and they are supposed to defeat the Demon King who is trying to take over the world. The problem now is that the Demon King is extra ambitious and the hero isn’t due for another 30 years! This doesn’t sit well with Yui so she decides to break tradition and defeat the Demon King herself, despite not being a Hero.

Yui is determined and smart – a dangerous combination. Along her journey she meets Ken and together they embark on a quest to do what no non-heroes have ever done before. Yui likes to choose the most obscure classes to level into and she is kind of brilliant. Ken is more traditional and does his best to keep Yui in check, but she will not be detered!

I really enjoyed this book! Yui and Ken make a perfect team and I really liked all the creative things they tried in order to beat the “expected” path that was set before them. (I want to try some of these tactics in my D&D campaign!) I highly recommend this book to anyone who has played D&D or any other RPG games, especially if you want just a quick easy listen!!

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9 thoughts on “How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps

  1. I listened to this one a while back (I got it for the same “free!” reason you did) and found it amusing alsoโ€”though I agree with your assessment that it’s more MG than YA. If you’ve ever played the Legend of Zelda video games, you’ll notice a LOT of Easter Eggs from that series in this book. ๐Ÿ™‚

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