perfectly tolerable


Hi! I’m Brittany, and I am perfectly tolerable.  I am just your average-ish girl.  I play sports everyday of the week (softball, volleyball, and kickball) and in all my leftover free time I read a lot. (Normal right?)

Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book!  And yes I know the title of my blog is a line from the movie not the book, but its close enough.

I decided to create a blog reviewing books.  After writing my first couple posts I began to notice my reviews are not, for a lack of a better word, “Professional”  By that I mean I add in way too many antidotes about myself, and treat the reviews more like a discussion that is loosely based on what I thought of the book.  I pretty much just start typing and it takes off on its own.  But thats okay, I like it and I am not going to change it!  So I hope you enjoy reading my reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them.  And if you don’t like my style there are plenty of other blogs out there I am sure you can find one you will like.