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Down the TBR Hole #8

Every Sunday I am going to do a TBR post where I review my TBR on Goodreads and decided which ones I want to keep and which ones get cut!

Starting Count: 224

When I re-started doing the TBR hole posts I was really motivated and wrote 4 of them in the same day.  I started at 243 and ended at 215.  (I reviewed 62 books and removed 28 of them) It was great! But somehow I managed to add nine books to my TBR in the last 4 weeks?!?! I’m moving the wrong direction!!!!


Date Added: Dec 11, 2017

This one sounds good but I doubt I will ever actually read it

Verdict: Remove


Date Added: Dec 25, 2017

Forbidden magic and LGBT? Count me in!

Verdict: Keep


Date Added: Dec 26, 2017

As much as I love Pirates, this is supposed to be a trilogy and its been 2 years and there are no signs of the second book, and I don’t want to risk the cliffhanger.

Verdict: Remove


Date Added: Dec 26, 2017

Females disguised as males is one of my favorite tropes, and I love pirates.

Verdict: Keep


Date Added: Jan 01, 2018

This cover really bugs me because the guy looks like Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Verdict: Remove


Date Added: Jan 01, 2018

As much as I like Austen re-tellings, this has love triangle written all over it.

Verdict: Remove


Date Added: Jan 02, 2018

This is one of those books I don’t actually want to read but feel like I should read, so I am going to do the adult thing and remove it from my TBR 😂

Verdict: Remove


Date Added: Jan 03, 2018

This sounds like a roller coaster of a book!

Verdict: Keep


Date Added: Jan 09, 2018

I’ve been meaning to read this FOREVER! I even own a copy

Verdict: Keep


Date Added: Jan 11, 2018

I need to read more faerie books!

Verdict: Keep

3P JKT Geeks_Guide.indd

Date Added: Jan 30, 2018

This looks adorkable

Verdict: Keep


Date Added: Jan 30, 2018

I started this and couldn’t get into it, which is super weird because its a Robin Hood book.  But because its a Robin Hood book, and because I own it, I am not quite ready to give up on it yet.

Verdict: Keep

Started with: 224
Ended with: 219
Reviewed: 12
Removed: 5

Have you read any of these? Are any of these on your TBR too? Is your TBR out of control? Let me know!

14 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole #8

  1. I had The Handmaid’s Tale on my TBR for a long time. I started it twice, but just could not get into it. I finally took it off, and being a Canadian that was a tough decision. Good for you to take off 5.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. People: “it’s an important book! You have to read it!”
        Me: “but… will I enjoy it?”

        I have a hard time planning to read a book I suspect I won’t enjoy. I mean, I don’t have to *like* it. I didn’t *like* 1984. But I did enjoy the reading experience.

        I’m still undecided about The Handmaid’s Tale, but the longer it goes that I haven’t read it, the less likely it is that I will ever be interested enough to read it.

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