**** (4 out of 5) · Fantasy · Graphic Novel



by Mina Elwell, A C Medina, Kit Wallis, and Jio Butler



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This graphic novel is weirdly adorable, considering it is about a young grim reaper who just wants a friend, but keeps underestimating how frail the dead people are and keeps accidentally “breaking” them.

I love the artwork! It can be both slightly gross and incredibly cute all at the same time!  This is my favorite picture of the whole book! Its so randomly cute with her eating Pizza in Hell, instead of the normal squirmy weird foods. (There are other scenes where she eats the weird food!) It reminds me of my brother who is super picky and loves pizza.


One thing that bothered me throughout the whole story was that Cherry (the little girl) looks like a human child.  Her Grandpa (the devil) looks like a demon gorilla and her mom looks like a quintessential female comic book devil.  So why is she white and human shaped?

The only thing that kept me from giving Hellicious 5 stars, was that it was hard to follow at times.  I would have to re-read sections, and really study the frames to figure out what was going on.  This would ruin the flow of the story, but if I tried to barrel through it I would be completely lost.

Once I figured out the plot, I really enjoyed the story! It did end on a cliff hanger but I expect that from comics. I really want to know what happens next so I will most likely pick up the second volume when it is released!

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