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Critical Failures

Critical Failures

by Robert Bevan

Narrated by: Jonathan Sleep



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Warning – This book uses the F-word a LOT. Like, a ridiculously unnecessary amount. I usually don’t care about people using the F-word, but I thought it was too much! So, just a heads up, (especially if you are listening to it on Audiobook like I did) there are a LOT of F-bombs!

Not taking into account the excessive use of the F-word, I thought this book was just ok.  I liked the premise well enough but the execution was poor.

The story is about a group of friends who get sent into a game of Caverns and Creatures. (aka Dungeons and Dragons) They have become their characters and must overcome the obstacles within Caverns and Creatures. It sounds awesome!

I have only ever played one Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but there was always a path, of sorts, to follow.  There were quests, side quests, and a main objective.  Caverns and Creatures didn’t seem to have that.  The characters floundered around a lot with no direction, which was kind of annoying.

I enjoyed the action scenes and the problem solving.  I also liked the main characters a lot, but I did not like the antagonists.  They were too wishy-washy.  They were “good guys” who were trying to bring the main characters to justice, but then they kept forming temporary truces and then complaining about them the whole time.  It would have been nice to see the protagonists fight real foes, or take on a quest.

I also hated the ending.  I thought it was awful! At the time I didn’t realize this was a full series, so the ending makes a little bit of sense, in that the series can now continue, but I still didn’t like it!

Overall I liked the characters but not the plot.  So it gets a 3 out of 5 rating because it was “meh” I will not be reading the rest of the series.

Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons? Did you like it? What character were you? I was a ranger elf named Myrah with a wolf named Ly!

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9 thoughts on “Critical Failures

  1. A writer needs to be careful with words. I get what you mean. I don’t judge people on language, we’re all guilty of something, but if a writer gives us to much it starts to sound forced and when that happens it can get in the way of the plot.

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Appreciate it.

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  2. I’ve played D&D and enjoyed it, mostly in college. It was fun but man game sessions took forever! Totally all nighters lol. This sounds like a good idea but the execution… yeah. Sorry this one was disappointing.

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  3. When I played it (twice, so basically almost like once xD) we were floundering all the time 😀 this really depends on the DM! I have this book, but haven’t tried it yet. I was expecting a 3 star read, to be honest xD I just got it because I was so curious, hah. Loved your review 🙂

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    1. The times we played we had a really good DM! I didn’t think about it but I can imagine it makes a huge difference!! When you get around to reading it I hope you enjoy it! and its probably good you are expecting a 3 star read 😂


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