Book Haul 07/01/19 – 09/12/19

Over the last couple months I have hauled waaaay more books than normal, and they have all been sitting, unread, on my kitchen counter.

I normally don’t keep track of when I buy books, but I have so many that I wanted to do a post!  This list is roughly all of books I got in July, August, and so far this September.  I’m sure I missed some, but here goes nothing:

Book Haul

Physical Books



Sorcery of Thorns was actually in the June box, but my dogs ate my copy so I had to get a new one.  The copy I got was from Heather @ The Frozen Library.  I traded my copies of My Plain Jane and The Hazel Wood for her OwlCrate edition of Sorcery of Thorns.

House of Salt and Sorrows came in the August box.

Not pictured – I also received Spin The Dawn in the July box, but I have no desire to read it so I am not planning on keeping it.


While looking for a replacement copy of Sorcery of Thorns, I discovered book trading on twitter! I may have gone a bit crazy with this newfound phenomena #booksfortrade #booksforsale #arcsfortrade


I traded From Twinkle, With Love to Ally @ The Book Shrine in exchange for An Assassin’s Guide to Love & Treason

I received No Good Deed from Marika @ GreyGardens!  I just paid for shipping. (So it wasn’t technically a trade, but I found it on her post with #booksfortrade)

I traded Amber & Dust to Erin @ The Book Nut in exchange for Storm and Fury



I won Cursed in an Instagram giveaway hosted by Will Read For Booze

I won Crown of Coral and Pearl in an Instagram giveaway hosted by Lindbooks



I pre-ordered both The Girl The Sea Gave Back and The Storm Crow to make sure I got first editions because both books were doing a limited run of books that included these gorgeous naked covers!



I had to go get a copy of Darkdawn on the day it was released! (even though I haven’t read it yet haha)

I bought Serpent & Dove because it is the Barnes & Noble book club book for October and I want to give their book club a try!


I joined a Falling Kingdoms read-a-thon so of course I had to get the book!

I found How to Train Your Dragon at a garage sale for $0.25 so I had to get it!

I loved Austentatious so I wanted to get a physical copy so I can mark it up and add tabs to help me find all the cool info in it!


I splurged and bought myself this really cool edition of Pride & Prejudice to add to my collection ❤

Not Pictured


These didn’t get pictured because I have already read them so they got put away, but I still need to write reviews for them!





I used my monthly Audible credits for these two, and I have already listened to them both!



Every month Audible gives you a list of like 6 books and you get to pick 2 for free.  These are my picks for July, August, and September (I don’t know why I only used one of my picks in September?) I probably won’t ever listen to these ones, but they were free and who knows?


Giveaways / Gifts


Alexa @ Pages of Love enjoyed In Bed with a Highlander so much she decided to share the love and giveaway a couple copies, and I love Scottish romances ❤

I won The Wedding Obsession and This Billionaire Bride from Nen @ Jen for “guessing” where Nen was. (“guessing” is in quotes because I totally cheated by giving a sarcastic answer but they liked it so I still won 😀 )

My friend Phil gifted me A Matter of Honor because he knows how much I like Pride and Prejudice adaptations!



I bought Prudence with the intention of joining Mary’s Parasolverse read-along, back in July, but I never got around to actually reading it 😦 I am still planning on reading it eventually though!

Prep & Prejudice is a Pride and Prejudice adaptation and it was $1 so I couldn’t pass it up.

Unsung Heroine is the 4th book in the Heroine Complex universe and I am super excited to read it (now I just need to find the time!)



Most, if not all of these I got through the Prime First Reads program where they give you a free book or two each month.  Just like with the Audible freebies they give you a list and you get to pick one.

There is a very good chance I missed some books, but my total is 37! (I might have a problem)

  • Physical Books – 17
  • Audiobooks – 7
  • E-books – 13
  • Total – 37

Of the 37 books , I have only read 7 of them, and 2 of those I read prior to purchasing them (Pride and Prejudice and Austentatious) I am planning on reading all of books on my list, except the “freebies” from Prime and Audible, but its still going to take a while!

Have you read any of these? Which ones should I read next?




35 thoughts on “Book Haul 07/01/19 – 09/12/19

    1. They are so pretty ❤ The Storm Crow someone posted on twitter about the pre-order cover and I had to have it. The Girl the Sea Gave Back I was just excited for and pre-ordered it. I didn't find out till later that it had the pretty naked cover ❤ Though, with TGTSGB I think its all first editions, its not a pre-order thing, so you can probably still get it!


    1. Thanks 😀 I’m reading Fallen Kingdoms right now and I am not sure what I think. I’m liking it for the most part but I just have a weird feeling that I am not going to like the rest haha. It doesn’t make sense, but thats how I feel 😀

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  1. Omg that pulp edition of Pride and Prejudice is absolutely amazing! Haha I’d love to get my hands on one. Those naked covers are also so gorgeous 😍I’m sad I didn’t read the Nevernight series sooner because if I did then I would’ve been on time to order first signed editions of Darkdawn, but as it is I just ordered the hardcover from Book Depository just now. I’m finishing Godsgrave this weekend and ah, I’m getting too attached 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I cheated and ordered the pulp edition off of amazon 😂😂 usually my rule with P&P books is I will only buy them if I find them in the wild (i.e. not the internet) but I made an exception for that cover!! ❤ With the Darkdawn I wasn't expecting to get the signed edition but they had it at Barnes and Noble and it was the same price as the unsigned copy so I got it 😀


  2. That’s a lot of books! I also picked up The Mystwick School of Musicraft as one of my Audible Originals, and I’m looking forward to listening to it! I haven’t started it yet, so I don’t know if they actually incorporate music into the audiobook, but it would be cool if they did!

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  3. Looks like you have a ton of great reading ahead of you. I’m a little sad that I didn’t join Owlcrate until after that awesome Sorcery of Thorns box. I need to pick up a physical copy of that book because I only have it on audio and it’s too pretty not to own a copy.

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  4. I am seriously considering Serpent and Dove and House of Salt and Sorrow. UHG! PS- WOW those naked covers!! I was so excited to see that on my copy of the Girl the Sea Gave Back; I didn’t know they were making them limited for 1st editions!

    That is quite an epic haul. Super jealous :]

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  5. So many wonderful books and amazing covers. I have stopped getting a lot of freebies from Amazon etc. as I have enough books to last me until I am 100 without adding anything new. 📚😂 Enjoy them all Brittany.

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