Which characters from my favorite books am I?

I am totally stealing this idea from Margaret @ Weird Zeal!  Basically you list out your favorite books, and try to find quizzes to determine which character you are! Before you take the quiz make sure to guess who you think you will be!

Princess Bride

My Guess: Princess Buttercup

Quiz: BuzzFeed

Result: Westley

AKA the Dread Pirate Roberts. You’re a true hero: smart, brave, loyal, romantic, talented, and pretty much perfect in every way. Congrats on your face.

I wish!!! He is my favorite ❤ But I am not that brave!

Harry Potter

My Guess: Hermione

Quiz: BuzzFeed

Result: Albus Dumbledore

You’re wise, quirky and very trusting. You’re loved and respected by everyone but sometimes you put too much pressure on yourself to make everything right.

Huh … didn’t see that one coming, but I’m not mad!


My Guess: Saphira

Quiz: AllTheTests

Result: Tie between Eragon and Saphira

Eragon! You want to understand but can’t wait to do so. You must not get ahead of yourself, or you won’t be ready to face what you desire.

Saphira! You are close to those you love and wish not to harm, but know there are times when it is needed. You are understanding and honest with your life.

Robin Hood

My Guess: Maid Marian

Quiz: GoToQuiz

Result: Guy of Gisborne

You are the Sheriff’s bit on the side. Or his b***h. You toe in line to earn honours and merits from your leader. You don’t stand up for yourself enough. Don’t blame me, I didn’t pick your answers for you.

Noooooooo! I know I don’t stand up for myself enough but I don’t think I would follow the Sheriff 😦

Good Omens

My Guess: Pepper or Newt

Quiz: Zimbio

Result: Aziraphale

Pride and Prejudice

My Guess: As much as I would love to be Elizabeth, I would probably be Jane or even Mary

Quiz: Sparknotes

Result: Mr. Bennet

You are wry, intelligent, and probably bad with money, not unlike the patriarch of the Bennet family. You often make poor decisions that you’ll spend the rest of your life paying for, but you’ve adopted a “can’t be bothered” philosophy to deal with it all. What you lack in zeal, you more than make up for in witty banter.

Quiz: Playbuzz

Result: Jane Bennet/Mr. Bingley

You’re basically the kindest, sweetest person on earth. Sensible, caring, sensitive, and attractive you’re the epitome of a good person. You always look for the best in others which may cause friends to take advantage of you, but in the end, you will end up happy and rich with your good-lookin’ S.O. Go you!

Quiz: BuzzFeed

Result: Mary Bennet

Your head is always buried in an improving book, and your tongue is always ready to give sober, sensible, helpful advice to any who will listen. No one ever does.

I couldn’t do just one quiz!! But I managed to limit myself to 3 haha.  It never occured to me to pick Mr. Bennet, I was only thinking of the Sisters and Darcy/Bingley/Wickham.  But I think I show traits of all 3 of my results.


I could do this all day! I love book quizzes 😀 I’m happy with all the results other than Guy of Gisborne.

If you take any of these quizzes let me know your results!!


28 thoughts on “Which characters from my favorite books am I?

  1. Yay I’m so glad you stole this idea! 😄 I loved seeing all your answers! Haha those three results for the pride and prejudice quizzes are interesting…I guess that confirms that you’re a Bennet at least? And that gif of Aziraphale is so great 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is the best ❤ But I think the Grandfather would have been a more fitting choice for me 😂 but that line is awesome! I should start using that and telling really pretty people "Congrats on your face" 😂😂


    1. Margaret @ Weird Zeal didn’t really make it a tag, so there wasn’t any rules so I picked my own books! If I had done the same ones as her I wouldn’t have read any of the books either 😂


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