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2018 – Year in Review (Stats!)


Goal: 75

Books Read: 77













Overall these numbers were about what I expected.  I know I read mostly fantasy this year.  I am surprised I didn’t read any books that were older than me.  That was a little weird.

Biggest Disappointments:




Favorite New Reads:










Overall I had a great year both reading and blogging! I am happy with all my stats and I am only going to set one goal for 2019 and that is to read 75 books.  I feel like that is a solid goal for me!

I hope everyone had a great 2018 and I hope you have an amazing 2019!!

46 thoughts on “2018 – Year in Review (Stats!)

  1. Happy New year! It definitely seems like you had a fantastic year both in reading and in blogging – congratulations!
    If you could recommend one of your new favourites for someone to read, which would it be?
    Also, sorry that you were disappointed by Spinning Silver. I read it on a frosty, cold day which was perfect timing!

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    1. Happy New Year!!

      Thats just mean! I did a collage because I couldn’t just pick one 😂😂 If you want a underrated book that no one has heard of I would definitely recommend The Fire’s Stone. If you want a feel good romance I would say Geekerella. If you want fun action I would pick Daughter of the Pirate King and A Darker Shade of Magic. If you want darker fantasy I would pick Vicious, The Cruel Prince, or Nevernight. If you want a heart wrencher with lots some action I would pick Sky in the Deep. So it just depends on what you like 😂😂

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      1. Ooh, lots of great recommendations, thank you! I am very much a mood reader so never know what I’m going to read next! I have read Geekerella, A Darker Shade of Magic and The Cruel Prince, but not the others you have recommended so will definitely give them a read! Thank you so much for giving me such thoughtful recommendations! 😁

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    1. Thanks 😀 I exported my list from goodreads so its the publisher of the edition I added to Goodreads so I don’t know how accurate it is because I don’t pay attention to the edition when I added it. But I still thought it was fun to look at 😂 Happy 2019!


  2. All these spreads of pictures and graphs are so cool! You read some really good ones this year. I think I probably read mostly fantasy too! I’ll have to think about doing something like this to see my own stats🤔

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    1. Thanks 🙂 HP is the best!!

      Ahhhhh you need to read the last volume of Saga! But at the same time it really really sucks because the authors are on hiatus and we don’t know when we will get more 😦


  3. Looks like a great reading year, a lot of 5 star books (I hope I get more 5 star reads)! I find the publishers part very interesting, have you been able to connect which publisher has given you your highest rated books? Also, how on earth did you manage to find total number of words? I’ve looked everywhere (except my laptop lol). Hope 2019 is a great reading year for you!

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