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I’m a crazy cat lady! (+ some cat related children’s book reviews)

Hi, my name is Brittany and I am a crazy cat lady

*Hi Brittany*

Haha I don’t actually have a problem because I won’t let myself get more than two cats, but sometimes its hard because kittens are soooo cute! But I love my cats with all my heart!  So here are some pictures of Kaylee and Logan before I review the cat books!

Kaylee is the all black one and Logan is black and white.

How to Give Your Cat a Bath

in Five Easy Steps

by Nicola Winstanley



Amazon* | Goodreads | NetGalley**

This book is adorable! But note, it will not actually give you instructions on how to give a cat a bath (I mean come on! Did you actually think it would?)  It was super cute tho!  The story was snarky and funny and surprisingly realistic.  The artwork lent itself perfectly to the story.  The girl and the cat are adorable.  It actually reminded me of my brother and his cats.   Here are his cats, Koda and Blaster.


Koda is the orange one and Blaster is the gray one.

Princess Puffybottom . . . and Darryl

by Susin Nielsen



Amazon* | Goodreads | NetGalley**

This one is adorable too! Tho I will like almost every book with a cat.  I loved the story in this one.  It kind of taught a lesson about change and adapting, but it wasn’t over the top or too pushy.  The artwork fits perfect with the story.  Princess Puffybottom starts out all haughty but learns to realax!  Princess Puffybottom and Darryl are so cute and sweet and I loved them both!  Such a cute book!

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** I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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