National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Dear Law Enforcement Officers,

Thank you so much for all that you do.  I know the world seems to hate you right now, but we need you.  I recognize the sacrifices you make to keep us safe and appreciate it more than you know.  My dad is a Police Officer and I see the toll it has taken on him.  The stress of the job increased tenfold due to people’s hate.  Thank you for putting up with all the prejudices.  I can’t imagine how hard it must be to keep fighting for people who no longer believe in you.  But I believe in you.  Please don’t stop believing in us.  Thank you for wearing that uniform and risking your life to make the world a better place.  You are a true hero.  Dilly Dilly!

giphy (29)

Please take the time to thank an officer today! Maybe pick up their tab if you see them at lunch.  Every little gesture helps!  Let them know that they are appreciated!


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