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Don’t Forget Dexter!

Don’t Forget Dexter!

by Lindsay Ward

**** (4 out of 5)


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This was a cute kid’s book, told by a toy dinosaur that was left behind.  He is so sad and determined to find his kid.  Its so cute!  Its written as though Dexter the T-Rex is talking to you, the reader, which I feel is super interactive and engaging.  The colors are great. and its easy to read and it flows nicely.

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The only issue I had with the book is at one point Dexter is full of confidence in how great of a toy he is.  He lists all his great traits like his tail and teeth and claws.  But then he asks the reader “What do you mean, maybe he likes something more? More than me? Like another toy?” and then he gets all anxious and lists cool things he doesn’t have, like wheels and lights.  The book implies that the reader told Dexter that he wasn’t good enough.  This really really bothers me.  I would never say this to a lost toy! Or a lost anything! Its so sad and awful! I would hope no one would ever do that! I know its kind of a silly thing to get worked up about but it really bothered me!

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Other than that one thing, I really liked the story! I would definitely recommend it!

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