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I’m Back! + Oregon Trip Book Haul!

Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? Hahaha I did a super awesome job of scheduling posts before leaving on vacation so you probably didn’t notice.  Though now I have over a week’s worth of comments to catch up on! I will be commenting and blog hopping and getting all caught up this weekend.

Somewhat unplanned, I ended up getting a ton of books this trip!


The first book I got was a children’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice from my Grandma!  She knows me so well ❤ It's pictured below with salt water taffy and a shot glass from the Seaside Aquarium.


Next, my Dad and Uncle bought a comic book lot and the guy threw in some books that my Dad let me have.

Then we went to Frankenstein’s Comic Swap where I got 4 graphic novels, a Wolverine Funko Pop, and a Snip beanie baby.  (When I was little I named my first cat Snip, and I realized I don’t have the beanie baby anymore so I figured I needed one.)

Finally, we made a trip to Powell’s which is the BEST BOOK STORE EVER!!  Below is a picture of my Mom and Brother trying to find a good drawing book for beginners.

If you ever go to Oregon you need to check out Powell’s.  It is 3 stories tall and it is situated on a full city block.  They sell both new and used copies, so you can choose what condition and price you want.  They also have these awesome bookmarks with suggestions for books in different genres:

Last, but not least here are some pictures of Me, my Mom, and my Brother reading!

Overall it was a great trip! I got 11 new books and I can’t wait to read them!

*Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links. If you purchase anything through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts and opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.


35 thoughts on “I’m Back! + Oregon Trip Book Haul!

  1. OMG – Powell’s! That’s such a bookshop #goal for me! It looks like you had an amazing time in Oregon (also kudos for pre-scheduling all those posts and making it look easy! 😉 )

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  2. I refuse to give up my childhood beanie baby collection. I spent so long collecting them, and a lot of money as well, so for those reasons on top of the childhood nostalgia my beanie baby collection remains intact hahaha.
    It looks like you’ve had an amazing trip. Oregon is a bucket list destination and Powell’s has been added to the future itinerary haha.

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    1. Thats awesome! I didn’t have a ton of beanie babies as a kid, but I had a lot of other toys that I still kept (all my barbies are in a box in my mom’s basement haha) Oregon is awesome and I’m glad I got you to add it 😀 Powells is awesome!


  3. Sounds like you had a great trip and it’s always a bonus coming back with exciting new books to read 😃 Powell’s is on my book-bucket-list! I can’t wait to someday visit that bookstore because my friends who live there always mention passing it and thinking of me 😂

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  4. I loved His Majesty’s Dragon! It’s a neat alternate history book and dragons, come on! And the wolverine funko is so neat, I can totally see why you needed that. Sounds like your family had a wonderful trip to a wonderful bookstore with lots of bookish experiences. A family that reads together stays together ❤️

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  5. The farthest West I’ve gone is technically Chicago–I don’t count being in an airport in Texas because it was a short 30 minute layover. I want to get out to enjoy the West Coast at some point.

    Also, great book haul.

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  6. It sounds like you had a great trip with a great haul brought home. I have never been to Powells, probably because I have never been to Oregon, but I am adding it to my bucket list.


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