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Friday Face Off: Heart

This is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, but currently run by Lynn’s Book Blog.

“A heart – for Valentine’s day past”

This weeks theme:  A cover featuring a Heart

I thought this would be a super easy theme, but it turns out there are way too many books with “Heart” in the title that don’t have any hearts on the cover! (The Heart of Betrayal, Mortal Heart, Heartstone, Don’t Cosplay with My Heart, Lion Heart, Inkheart)

My Choice: Heart of Darkness

There are over 2,000 editions of Heart of Darkness on Goodreads so I only picked the ones with hearts on the cover.


Filiquarian 2006 | Newton Compton 2013 | Penguin 2012 | Enhanced Media 2016

Xist Classics 2015 | Debolsillo | Kombuk 2016 | View 2017

Roads 2013 | Editorial Hansben 2011 | Simon & Brown 2010 | Joseph Conrad 2017

Read publication | Gargola 2004 | CreateSpace 2016 | Unknown 2014

Editions 2016 | Contrast 2016 | Basabasi 2018 | Christmas 2019

Unknown 2018 | Unknown 2018 (2) | Unknown 2018 (3) | Unknown 2017

Unknown 2017 (2) | WestPubWestPub 2012 | Publishing in Motion 2011 | Unknown 2018 (4)

Independently published 2018 | CreateSpace 2018 | Unknown 2018 (5) | Unknown 2018 (6)

Unknown 2018 (7) | Joseph Conrad 2015 | Createspace 2017 | Unknown 201v6

English Sound 2015 | Createspace 2014 | Unknown 2013 | Unknown 2018 (8)

Least Favorites:

Do the cover artists not realize that this is a dark book? It is not a romance novel.

The cover on the left looks like the outline of Trump and the one on the right looks like it should be a Walking Dead Cover




Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know in the comments!!

20 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: Heart

  1. This is such a fun one, I love it when there’s so many different covers to look at. My favorite’s the creatspace one in your favorites, it’s got the right, dark atmosphere. I also really love Roads editions of anything, but mostly cause their pastel spines look SO GOOD together on a shelf!

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  2. OMG the Trump cover!!!! I am dying. That is definitely his profile. Also, the cover with the candies, WTF were they thinking??? I feel like some of these are fake. LOL great choice.

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    1. Haha right?!?! And it was published this year so I don’t think it was accidental 😂 A lot of the covers are createspace and independent publishing, so I don’t know if they are necessarily fake, or just one shot random covers people created? I got them all from Goodreads which has been a reliable source in the past, but yea especially the candy cover, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is completely fake!


    1. I saw that she picked the same book 😀 And she did have some I didn’t because I only picked the covers with hearts on them. There are hundreds of other covers! (and I am sure I missed some heart covers because I was going fast!)


  3. Holy cow that’s a lot of covers !! I think I like the CreatsSpace 2016 one too and the createSpace 2018 one is nice, except it looks like a Valentine’s Day card or something lol. Definitely not a cover for a dark book I’m thinking!

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  4. I agree with you about the romance like covers! That would confuse me if I didn’t know the contents but I kind of like the Walking Dead cover 🙂 I felt like a zombie while reading it so there’s that.

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