Friday Face-Off

Friday Face Off: New beginnings

This is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, but currently run by Lynn’s Book Blog.

“New beginnings for a New Year”

This weeks theme:  A cover that is fresh

My Choice:  Geekerella

I know that there are only three covers for this and that is kind of lame, but its the perfect book for the theme! The cover is fresh and bright and fun.  The story is a new take on an old classic (dare I call it a “refresh” of the original?). And Cinderella is a tale of new beginnings and getting a fresh start!  See its perfect? Also I have no idea what other covers could be considered “fresh”




Hardcover | Paperback |Indonesian

The Indonesian cover is my least favorite.  There is nothing wrong with it, it just can’t compare to the others!



I like the font on the paperback, and I like how the picture is zoomed in.  It makes the cover feel less empty.  But I don’t like that she is on top of The Magic Pumpkin.  That is weird.

Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know in the comments!!

Since there were only 3 covers this week here are some of my bookstagram pics with my Cinderella Funko:



32 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: New beginnings

  1. My first pick was the Indonesian cover. The more I looked at it, though, the less I liked it. The stars, vehicle, ground–everything–gets confusing on review.

    That led me to agree with you that the paperback is the best of the three. I like the art, and think Cinderella sitting above Prince Charming is fun. What I don’t like is how the title feels as if it’s receding. The adorable dog carrying a glass slipper almost makes up for that.

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    1. Haha I liked it better at first glance too and the more I studied it the wonkier it became! What do you mean the title feels like it is receding? I think it pops! And if you have seen the cover in real life its sparkly and shiny. And the dog is super adorable!


  2. Yeah, at first I thought the Indonesian was my favourite but it lost it’s appeal somehow. I like both the others. I’d probably say my favourite is your choice although why on earth she’s sat on top of the pumpkin/truck is a mystery.
    Lynn 😀

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    1. At first glance I liked it a lot more too. And you aren’t the first person to comment that. Its really weird that first glance it seems so good and then it isn’t? And I agree its super weird that she is on top of the truck?!?!


  3. That Cinderella Funko is so cute! I like how she’s holding her dress like the proper lady she is (;
    It took me a while to want to read Geekeralla. I didn’t know it was a Cinderella retelling but of course once I found out I had to add it to my tbr list. I like the Indonesia version however the weird shadow/coloring underneath the food truck. I’m not sure honestly. It isn’t my favorite cover to begin with.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 She was one of my first Funko pops! I could tell by the name that it was a Cinderella retelling and a geeky retelling is right up my ally so I wanted to read this the very second I first saw the title ❤ I hope you like it if you end up reading it!!


  4. I actually liked the Indonesian cover best. Ha ha. It seems fanciful and magical to me. I agree that the first has too much unfilled space, and the second is odd with her on top (looks too “pasted on”). But what fun to compare. 😀

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