Midnight Metamorphosis – New Cover Release!

Just over two weeks ago, Midnight Metamorphosis by Deborah E. Kehoe got a new cover!!

Midnight Metamorphosis is a self published book and I can’t even begin to imagine how much work Kehoe put into it! Originally published on Smashwords, Kehoe has now been able to get he book into Kindle Unlimited!

Here is the new cover:

MIdnight Metamorphosis (1)

I absolutely love the colors, don’t you?

Kehoe has a really great blog, The Reading Chick.  Go check it out! This is not a typical author website, it is an actual, normal book blog where Kehoe review books and participates in tags and all sorts of other bookish things!  (not that there is anything wrong with author websites, I just wanted to point out that even if you aren’t interested in the book then you should still go check out her blog!!)

But if you are interested in the book you can find out more information here:

And you can follow Deborah E. Kehoe at any ofthese places:

Congratulations Deborah on your book and you new cover!!!

10 thoughts on “Midnight Metamorphosis – New Cover Release!

      1. I hear that! My subscriptions are getting a little out of hand… It’s all well and good to say “but, it’s only $10 a month!”… Then you have 5 and it’s getting a little expensive!! 😂😂🍻

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