Kindle Scout and A Pirate at Pembroke

I just finished reading Daughter of the Pirate King and I am having a book hangover 😦 The sequel, Daughter of the Siren Queen doesn’t come out till the 27th so I have to wait.  I am not good at waiting, especially when it comes to book hangovers.

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While blog hopping today I found a post by I am a Reader for a book called A Pirate at Pembroke.  THIS IS THE PERFECT BOOK TO CURE MY HANGOVER!!! It’s one-liner is “A Jane Austen-inspired Pirate Romance” I need this book!


But it might not ever get published!!! That would make me really sad because I NEED this book!

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So here is what we need to do to get it published!  There is a site called Kindle Scout.  You nominate books you think would be good, and if a book gets enough nominations then it gets published! If a book gets published then everyone that nominates it gets a free kindle copy! You can see more details here.

Pretty please go nominate A Pirate at Pembroke. Have I mentioned that I need this book?


P.S. Noone asked me to write this and I have nothing to gain except getting a free copy of the book because I nominated it.  I just really really really want to read this book!

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