6 Degrees of Separation – Pride and Prejudice

Guys!!!! Guess what I found!!!! There is this game* where you start with a given book and then you list the next book that comes to mind, then you go from that book to another book, creating a chain.  You do this 6 times (so you have 7 books including the one you started with).

* I call it a game because that is what I think of it as, but the word the originator uses is “meme.” I thought memes were viral pictures with different captions, so I am a little confused.  I am going to continue calling it a game even though that might not be technically correct.

I was just perusing (good word huh?) random blogs, searching for other Pride and Prejudice lovers, when I stumbled across a 6 Degrees of Separation post on a blog titled luv to read.  In the post she connects Pride and Prejudice to The Secret Garden. To see how she got there you will have to read her post!

The game/meme originates from a blog titled Books Are My Favorite and Best. Every month they pick a new book to start off the chains.  They have a set of rules that are super easy and fun.  Mostly they want you to link back to their blog so that everyone can play!  In her post, Kate connects Pride and Prejudice to Swing Time.

My goal from here on out will be to play every month!!! I am so excited! For August the pick is, my favorite book ever, Pride and Prejudice!!!!  Here goes nothing:

Disclaimer: The header titles are affiliate links to Amazon.  If you purchase any of these books through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts/opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.

1. Pride and Prejudice

I LOVE this book! I will save you the details, but if you want you can read my review here.

2. The Princess Bride


Thinking of Pride and Prejudice, and how it is my favorite book, got me thinking about my other favorite books… and the fact that I don’t really have any other favorites.  But my favorite movie is The Princess Bride.  Which also happens to be a book!  This is one of the rare occasions where I watched the movie before I read the book.  (Because I didn’t know it was a book until after I watched the movie)

3. Eragon


Thinking of more instances where I watched the movie before I read the book, reminds me of Eragon.  I loved the movie and was so excited when I found out it was a book.  After reading the book, I realized why everyone hated the movie (its an awful adaptation), but I still really liked both. Though that is only because I watched the movie first.  If I had read the book first I probably would have hated the movie.

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


Thinking about Eragon reminds me how pissed off I was that the author stretched his trilogy into a “cycle” with four books.  There were a LOT of boring sections that added little or nothing to the story.  He didn’t need to stretch it out, he just wanted to milk more money out of the series.  Thinking about how bad Christopher Paolini treated his series got me thinking about authors that know how to write a good series.  The best of the best would have to be J.K. Rowling, which brings us to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

5. Anne of Green Gables


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone brings back lots of good memories:

  1. My 3rd grade teacher reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone aloud to the entire class.  All of us anxiously waiting for reading time so we could find out what happened.  Then when it was finished we begged Mrs. Chaney to read the next book but she refused, saying if we wanted to find out what happened in the next book we would have to read it ourselves. Which may sound mean, but was actually brilliant, because I am pretty sure the whole class read the second book on their own.
  2. My best friend Alyissa and I racing to buy/read the rest of the books in the series as they came out.
  3. Spending the night at my Aunt’s house and staying up till midnight to get the 7th book right as it came out.  We went to Walmart in our Pjs and waited in a huge line that wrapped around the store to get our copies.  Then we went home, and of course we had to start reading! We didn’t get a lot of sleep that night.

Unfortunately, none of these memories lead me to another book.  I don’t remember any of the other books Mrs. Chaney read to us.  Alyissa and I didn’t read any other books together.  I have never bought any other book at midnight right when it was released.

But thinking about books that bring back memories reminds my of Anne of Green Gables.  When we were kids we would take a road trip every summer.  On one of the road trips my Mom read Anne of Green Gables to us.  It was really cool to read a book together as an entire family.

6. Maze Runner


After reading Anne of Green Gables I wanted to read the rest of the series, so my dad bought be the next couple books in the series. I never got around to reading them.  This reminded me of the time that I almost bought the entire Maze Runner series, without having read any of the books.  But then I thought of all the unread books I owned and decided I should only get the first one.  I knew I could come back and get the rest of the series later.

7. The Hobbit


It is a good thing I didn’t buy the entire Maze Runner series because I ended up reading only half of the first book and then losing interest.  It is a rare thing for me not to finish a book.  Thinking of other books I didn’t finish, reminds me of The Hobbit. I had trouble reading The Hobbit.  The first time I read it I only got about half way through.  The second time I don’t even think I made it that far.  For such a tiny book it was super hard for me to get through.  I kept getting distracted and losing interest or getting confused.  Years later I decided to read the Lord of the Rings books, and really liked them.  Afterwards I gave The Hobbit one last chance, and was able to finish it!  I actually enjoyed it.  I think the first 2 times I tried to read The Hobbit, the timing just wasn’t right.  I was probably stressed out about some thing or another and a deep, in depth book was not what I needed.

Yay! That was fun. It really made me think about all the different books I have read.  I can’t wait to do this again next month!  Let me know what you think of my chain and share your own!

3 thoughts on “6 Degrees of Separation – Pride and Prejudice

    1. The book is awesome! I loved it. William Goldman is brilliant. He wrote the book as if he abridged “S. Morgenstern’s classic tale of true love and high adventure.” When in reality S. Morgenstern doesn’t exist and there is no original tale. By writing as if he was abridging another story, Goldman was able to add commentary to his own story, in his own story. It sounds weird and I didn’t explain it very well, but it is actually really cool! (You may have already known this but it confused me when I was first trying to buy the book because I kept trying to find the unabridged version which doesn’t actually exist)

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