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His Majesty’s Dragon

His Majesty’s Dragon

by Naomi Novik


I’ve was a bit hesitant about reading this because Uprooted is one of my favorite books but I didn’t like Spinning Silver. Because I loved Uprooted so much I wanted to love all of Novik’s books but I was batting 500 so I didn’t want to make it worse by disliking this book. But I needn’t have worried because I LOVED His Majesty’s Dragon.

Temeraire is adorable and hilarious and I want a dragon!!!! I also love the dynamic between Laurence and Temeraire. Laurence is used to following the rules without asking why and Temeraire isn’t having any of that. He questions everything and loves learning. They balance each other out so well and I love it!

I picked this book for our bookclub. We aren’t meeting till next weekend so I don’t know how everyone else liked it but one of the guys rated it a 5 on goodreads!!

I listened to this on Audiobook while driving with my parents and brother on a road trip. My dad isn’t a reader but he said he really enjoyed listening while driving and that it made the driving so much better! There were also parts (usually random one liners from Temeraire) that caused all of us to laugh out loud. We haven’t read a book as a family since I was probably 12 so this felt super special and I’m glad I got to listen to it with them 💖

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5 thoughts on “His Majesty’s Dragon

  1. That’s a really special way to enjoy this book! I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll have to remember to sample the audiobook. I’ve been hesitant to pick it up for some reason (not sure why) and the audio might help.


  2. I only tried Deadly Education by NOVIK and DNF’d. I miss book clubs and that’s so awesome that you read it as a family! I’m glad you loved it! ❤


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