Is Charlie Bowater the Cover Artist?

Do you guys remember when pretty much every YA book title was “The Blank of Blank and Blank”?

P.S. I’d love to know what your fantasy titles are! Mine are “The War of Moons and Dread” and “A Dog of Pasta and Happiness” and “The Queen of Bones and Ravens”

Now that YA has found their niche of titles it seems they are starting to do the same thing with covers. In my (VERY UNEDUCATED) opinion a lot of fantasy books are adopting Charlie Bowater-esque art style. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Charlie Bowater’s art and her covers are gorgeous, but, it it seems to me, that YA Fantasy has adopted her style a little too wholeheartedly. (If you don’t know who Charlie Bowater is then you need to check out her site.)

Before I go on, I would like to mention that I have no artistic background whatsoever so anything I say is just my opinion and it comes from a very untrained eye, and this post is meant to be fun and a way to see lots of cool covers!

Now, without further ado, lets play:

Is Charlie Bowater the Cover Artist?

Its simple! All you have to do is try and guess which covers Charlie drew! (or maybe you already know?)

Round 1:

Are you able to pick out the ones by Charlie? Or did your eyes kind of glaze over because they are all too similar? (I’ll give you a hint, there are 7 covers by Charlie Bowater.) Individually these covers are all gorgeous but together they are just to similar.

Round 2:

Round 1 featured covers with 2 people, but these only have one person. (Hint: 8 of these are by Charlie Bowater)

The One Person covers are more varied than the two person ones, but they still seem to follow the same style. Maybe I’m just being too picky? Again I love all the covers, but I’d like to see something different!

Did you play along? Let me know how you did!!!

Round 1 Answers:

Round 2 Answers:

Cover Artists:

  • Alex Dos Diaz
    • Shielded
  • Andrea Miller
    • These Hollow Vows
  • Ashley Mackenzie
    • Iron Widow
  • Charlie Bowater
    • An Enchantment of Ravens
    • Aurora Rising
    • Bone Crier’s Moon
    • Bravely
    • Cast In Firelight
    • Forest of Souls
    • Seven Sorcerers
    • Sorcery of Thorns
    • Star Daughter
    • The Dream Runners
    • The Midnight Girls
    • The Poison Season
    • The Princess Will Save You
    • Twin Crowns
    • Vespertine
  • Damian In The Den
    • Blade of Ash
  • Fernanda Suarez
    • Cinderella is Dead
  • Godwin Akpan
    • Amari and the Night Brothers
  • Guweiz
    • Jade Fire Gold
  • Kekai Kotaki
    • Crown of Feathers
  • Kerri Resnick
    • Fable
  • Kira Night
    • Blood Heir
  • Marcela Medeiros
    • A Trial of Sorcerers
  • Maria Arteta
    • Lord of Eternal Night
  • Mary Luna
    • Loveboat Reunion
  • Melissa Stevens
    • The Raven and the Rush
  • Merilliza Chan
    • Air Awakens
  • Nyaka-N
    • Frozen Hearts and Death Magic
  • Raymond Sebastien
    • This Poison Heart Cover
  • Richard Anderson
    • The Bridge Kingdom
  • Tara Philips
    • Sweet & Bitter Magic
  • Thander Lin
    • Lore & Lust
  • Unknown
    • The Dark Days Club
    • Blood Mercy
    • Born in Fire
    • Bride of the Shadow King
    • Prince of the Sorrows
    • A Queen Comes to Power
    • Skin of the Sea

18 thoughts on “Is Charlie Bowater the Cover Artist?

  1. I LOVE Charlie Bowater’s covers, I’m not going to lie. I’d much rather the covers look similar, and be BEAUTIFUL than be weirdly awful looking, and sort of bland.

    Also my YA Book name would be Goddess of Rose and Thistle, which is actually pretty intriguing!

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  2. This was such a fun concept! And the covers are all beautiful, but that’s definitely diluted when there’s a million and one variants out there haha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Charlie has some lovely covers! I know what you mean though about the covers all starting to look too similar. There have been other cover trends over the years, and it’s fun to pick them out. Honestly, I hadn’t realized prior to this that one artist (Charlie) had done so many of these similar covers. It does make sense, especially with so many of the books being parts of a series.

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    1. This is the first trend that I really noticed! I got a special edition Owlcrate book that made a big deal out of Charlie’s cover, so I think the only reason I noticed is because she had been brought to my attention. I hadn’t really thought much about covers before learning about (and falling in love) with all the big ones she has done!


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