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Hawkeye Kate Bishop 2021 Mini Series

Hawkeye Kate Bishop

Written by Marieke Nijkamp. Art by Enid Balam.

Amazon | Goodreads

Issues #1-5

This series first caught my eye when I saw the cover for #4. Then, when I looked it up, I saw there was a Skottie Young variant cover for #1 and I knew I had to get it! Cute Pizza Dog covers?!?! Count me in!

I fell in love with Kate Bishop when I read The Saga of Barton and Bishop and watched Hawkeye on Disney + and this series didn’t disappoint!

Overall I really liked this story! It was creative and I am really liking Kate Bishop as Hawkeye! Plus its got Lucky the Pizza dog ❤️

The first half of the first book was kind of confusing, but I think it was transitioning from her last series into this one. If I had read some of Kate Bishop’s other comics, I think it would have made more sense.

My attempt at Instagram magic
Variant Covers of #1

Once I muddled through the precursor, and go to the actual story, I really enjoyed it! Kate is snarky and puts on a tough front, but she is also vulnerable and it made me love her even more. (Plus, did I mention, it has Pizza dog in it?!?)

This is a 5 issue mini series so the story starts and ends here. (No waiting a month for the next issue!) I highly recommend checking out this series if you want a quick and fun story!

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6 thoughts on “Hawkeye Kate Bishop 2021 Mini Series

  1. Great post by the way. I got into reading comics a couple of years back as they are quick, fun reads. I’m definitely going to check out this recommendation. Some of the comic series I’ve read so far include Paper Girls, Circuit-Breaker and I’m currently collecting the free comic book day selection. I came across your lovely blog today, and have bookmarked it! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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