Second Quarter Wrap Up – 2020

2020 has been a whirlwind and its only half over.Β  I can’t believe we are already 6 months into the year, but at the same time I’m ready for 2020 to be over! (But will 2021 really be any better?)

Books Read:


Weirdly because of the whole Covid thing I haven’t been able to do things I normally would so I have been spending a ton of time with my parents and little bro, so I have somehow had less time to read than normal these last few months.


Currently Reading:

Because I have been working from home I haven’t been driving so I haven’t been listening to Audiobooks, so Tower of Swallows has been pretty much on hold.

Non-Review Posts:

Thanks to Wyrd & Wonder I actually got quite a bit of posts up! Last quarter I had only 6 but this time I had 16!


I kind of fell off the wagon in June.Β  I had 4 whole posts (2 review and 2 non-review) I’m behind on comments and blog hopping and work and house chores and basically just life in general.Β  I don’t really have an excuse or a reason.Β  I’ve just been in a funk.

The Good:

  • Lots of days at the dog park and some doggie play dates.
  • Lots of game nights with the family
  • Doing our own version of painting and sipping in my Mom’s living room
  • My Niece turned 3!!
  • I died the under part of my hair purple.
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • May the 4th be with you
  • Camping
  • After 2+ years of living together my dog and cat are getting along!
  • I paid $1.00 for gas for the first (and probably last) time in my life (Its back up to $2.50 already)

The Bad:

  • I broke up with the guy I was seeing (No biggie it was my choice!)
  • My AC went out (luckily it was just the filter and its working again!)
  • My Fridge went out (Its still not working but I have a fridge in the garage that works fine and I am using that for now)

The Ugly:

  • My Cat Logan went in for a standard teeth pulling procedure and had some complications due to a previously unknown heart condition.Β  It was dicey for a bit but he pulled though and is doing amazing now!! (And the stimulus check came at just the right time and covered a good chunk of his vet bills, thank goodness)

I know I’ve been MIA for most of the month but hopefully I’ll be back on more coming up! I hope everyone had a great 2nd quarter ❀

11 thoughts on “Second Quarter Wrap Up – 2020

  1. Well Brittany I understand as I am kind of in a funk myself! I didn’t do my Sunday Post as I was just too tired! Hopefully we’ll both get our mojo back!

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    1. I think everyone is in and out of funks with everything that is going on ❀ I hope you are feeling better!! I have 2 posts scheduled, so I am pulling myself out slowly haha Thanks ❀


  2. You are definitely not the only one in a funk, I love hearing about all your family time and those paintings are great. I love all your pics, you have a beautiful niece as well as the rest of the family. Here’s wishing that the second half of the year is better than the first in many ways.

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    1. ❀ Thanks! We had a ton of fun with the paintings. And I may be a bit biased but I think my niece is the cutest little girl ever ❀ ❀ I hope you have an amazing second half of the year too ❀ Thanks!

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