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OwlCrate May 2020 Unboxing

OwlCrate May 2020 Unboxing

Rebels With a Cause




I love the straws!!!! I had been debating getting some but hadn’t yet, and this box included 10 metal straws!!! I was able to use them this weekend while camping and it was perfect!!! The potholders are nice too and my old potholders were getting kind of gross so I’m happy to get new ones.

I can always use more magnets and this one is already on my fridge! The stickers are fun but I am terrible at deciding where to put stickers so I don’t know what I am going to do with them.

We got two books this month!! The first is a graphic novel! For some reason I couldn’t read the title on the front (I thought it was an Le not a W) so I had to look on the spine to find the title.  But the book looks awesome and I can’t wait to read it.

I love the cover change for this one.  Its very classy, and I love it when they do new artwork and not just color changes.

Overall I really loved this box!! I love the useful items and we got two books!

Next Month’s Theme: All The World’s A Stage

I don’t think I am going to like this box.  I’m not huge into circuses and carnivals, and the item teaser is for coffee and I don’t like coffee.

24 thoughts on “OwlCrate May 2020 Unboxing

  1. It looks like you got some cute stuff overall. I don’t really like that quote on silence though. Life is nuanced. There are times when it’s better to be silent. There are all kinds of different situations in life.
    For example, my mom is a bit of an attention whore. She does whatever will get her the most attention. She’s always trying to be controversial. When she came out as a lesbian in my teens, my first thought was this was her new edgy thing to get attention. But just in case I was wrong, I remained silent. I kept that thought to myself.
    Sometimes keeping a thought in your head isn’t a bad thing.

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    1. That is a great example and I totally agree. There are lots of times when it is better to be silent. You kind of have to take the quote with a grain of salt. There are times when people will want you to be silent but you shouldn’t and I choose to think the quote is talking about those times, and not just silence in general 😀


  2. Oh man, I love that Incendiary cover! You know how you can tell you’re getting old? I’m sort of low-key jealous of the potholders, because I need new ones, too, and nothing I get is going to be that cool, I can guarantee you. xD Those straws are super neat, too (and I love your cup … it’s perfect lol).

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    1. I was super glad that it came with the cleaners too! I have one that I got for my water bottle straws but it is too big for these ones. I had to buy the water bottle one separately before and was kind of annoyed by it haha

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  3. This looks like one of the better boxes! Great stuff. I’ve been wanting to read Incendiary (too many books on my TBR, not enough time) but I hadn’t heard of the graphic novel before. I’m curious to see what you think of it!

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  4. This is definitely one of my favorite boxes too (not that I get them myself, but from following your posts…) — I love the practical additions to the box. I don’t subscribe to boxes like this because I find I don’t know what to do with more necklaces and bookmarks and stickers. Metal straws and potholders? Yes, please!

    My husband and I put stickers on our coolers and folding tables. We let people borrow them a lot, so this is one way we know which ones are ours when we lend them out! Perhaps your camping gear could use a pick-me-up from the stickers? You know, if they are stickers that won’t get ruined by the outdoors, that is.

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    1. That one of my favorite things about this box. Every once in a while they do necklaces and stuff but they also try really hard to give you useful things ❤

      I love the idea of putting them on things you lend out! That's smart! And the stickers are Vinyl so I think they should be ok outdoors! And I do have a lot of random coolers that my mom and sister are always borrowing 😀 I've seen people recently who put their stickers in their bullet journals so I will probably do that with at least one of them 😀

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