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OwlCrate April 2020 Unboxing

OwlCrate April 2020 Unboxing

Full Moon Magic




I love the moon theme this month! I already have the moon phase banner hanging up and I will use the notebook to keep track of work things! (I have been working from home and I left my notebook in the office so I have been using a ton of sticky notes)

I like the design of the tote a lot, but I have too many tote bags. The bracelet is pretty but I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, but it is perfect for my grandma, so I am going to give it to her!

My favorite item in this box is the Moony puzzle!! (It might be my favorite item from any box!!! (Other than the HP mugs)) I have already completed and glued it, now I just need to frame it! Its kind of a weird size so I had to order a frame online, but I can’t wait to get it hung up!!!!

I love the Special Edition OwlCrate cover! It is so much better than the original (and I like the original too!) I’m not a huge fan of the color they chose for the sprayed edges, its kind of a pukey gold/green color, but I can enjoy the cover without looking at the edges.  The pin is awesome! I love that it could be the owl from Bone Crier’s Moon or it could be Hedwig!

Overall I really loved this box!! The moon theme was awesome and the puzzle is perfect!

Next Month’s Theme is Rebels with a Cause which sounds awesome! I hope we get some Star Wars stuff, tho I doubt we will.

18 thoughts on “OwlCrate April 2020 Unboxing

  1. I love how creative they get with some of the products they include. That puzzle is a beauty and such a suprise addition. I adore the moon phase banner as well.

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  2. That puzzle is gorgeous, and I used to love when OwlCrate sent jewelry. Also? I love your unboxing format – direct and to the point with great pictures. 🙂

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  3. Omg so exciting I can’t wait to get my box although with everything going on all over the world I have no idea when it’s likely that I’ll get mine 😂 But the book cover is so gorgeous (and from the photos I totally agree with you about the sprayed edges)! That puzzle also looks so good and I didn’t even think about framing them but now I will definitely be doing that! Great unboxing 😀

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    1. Oh no! I hope you got it! And why are you looking at unboxing posts if you haven’t gotten yours?!?! I don’t like knowing what is in them until I have mine haha. I have a lot of framed puzzles, but this one will be the first one in my office!! I love it ❤ Thanks!


  4. It was a great box!!! I need to find some time to do the puzzle. It will have to stay up high, so the munchkin doesn’t get it. I am going to attempt to read the book this week. Not sure if I can make it. haha. I’m going to try and be better about reading these OwlCrate books!!!

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    1. I had to keep it high to keep it safe from my cat and dog haha. I hate missing pieces! I was able to do this one in one sitting so it was fairly safe the whole time 🤣 Good luck with yours! And with reading the book! I’m still trying to find to read All The Stars and Teeth

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      1. haha!! Oh those pets!! Thanks, I hope I can do it soon. I just finished Bone Crier’s Moon yesterday. It was okay… I feel like there was just some missing potential and it was so slow paced. I mean, not much really happens and it’s almost a 500 page book! I hope you like it better than I did!

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