Wyrd & Wonder: Underrated Fantasy Books

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Today’s Wyrd & Wonder prompt is “Underrated: books that deserve more love” So here are 6 of my favorite fantasy books that have less than 4,000 rating on GoodReads. (For reference; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has over 6.5 million ratings)

The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids

by Michael McClung

Number of Ratings: 2,443 | Average Rating: 4.00


Goodreads | Amazon*

This book won the Self Published Fantasy Blog-Off, Hosted by Mark Lawrence in 2012 and I don’t remember much about this book other than the fact that I loved it.

Heroine Complex

by Sarah Kuhn (Goodreads Author)

Number of Ratings: 3,034 | Average Rating: 3.64

27209443 (2)

Goodreads | Amazon*

This is one of my FAVORITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME! How does it not have more ratings?!?!?


by Meagan Spooner

Number of Ratings: 3,052 | Average Rating: 3.68


Goodreads | Amazon*

This is an amazing Robin Hood retelling! (And I may be biased because I love Robin Hood retellings, but this is one of my favorites)

Second Hand Curses

by Drew Hayes

Number of Ratings: 3,048 | Average Rating: 4.19


Goodreads | Amazon*

This is a super fun D&D / fairy tale inspired story.  Its best in audiobook format and I highly recommend it.

The Fire’s Stone

by Tanya Huff

Number of Ratings: 3,059 | Average Rating: 3.99


Goodreads | Amazon*

This is the only book I’ve read by Tanya Huff and I loved it! I need to read more of her works.


by Elle Katharine White

Number of Ratings: 3,094 | Average Rating: 3.81


Goodreads | Amazon*

Pride and Prejudice and DRAGONS! (Need I say more?)

*Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links. If you purchase anything through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts and opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? What are some of your favorite, underrated fantasy books? Lets Chat!


46 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder: Underrated Fantasy Books

      1. Sherwood, but I haven’t read it! I’m not sure if I will since I did not like Hunted, so I’m a bit hesitant!

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  1. Pride and Prejudice and DRAGONS! (Need I say more?) niiiiiiiice, going on the tbr
    Looks like there’s a trend for this, and I am here for it. I recently read Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon (Jane Austen’s Dragons #1) by Maria Grace and really liked that one too.

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  2. Second-Hand Curses was so much fun! I’ve love another book with those characters. And Heroine Complex is great too!

    I’ve read lots of Tanya Huff’s books (but not the one you listed) and I think my favorites are The Keeper Chronicles, which start with Summon The Keeper. So much fun, plus it has a snarky talking cat. Love it.

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    1. I bought some other books by the same Author, but haven’t read them yet. I want a sequel too, but the Author has said he won’t do one 😦 And Yay! Heroine complex is awesome 😀 I will have to check out those Huff books ❤ Thanks!


  3. Um, I’m so upset with myself for barely knowing these books! I only know of Heroine Complex from your blog. And Sherwood I’ve seen around… but that’s about it. Are any of these stand alone novels? I’m trying to avoid starting new series, but I could use an underrated fantasy novel to celebrate during quarantine!

    The Marked quartet is my favorite under-rated fantasy series. It’s a indie series. I don’t know how I found it, but I love it. The final book came out at the end of 2019 and I need to finish it. I also enjoyed The Epic Crush of Genie Lo and THAT book series ended with the second in the duology last year. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

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    1. Don’t be upset for not knowing these!! The whole point is that they are relatively unknown haha.

      Sherwood, The Fire’s Stone, and Second Hand Curses are all stand alones!! (and I don’t blame you! I am overrun with series and am trying to stick to stand alones too haha). If you end up reading any of them let me know what you think!

      I’ve never heard of any of those ones! I will check them out 😀 Thanks!

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      1. Haha– good point. But if you love them, you think I’d know more about them!

        YES. STANDALONES. Okay, I’ve got all these on my TBR for “between book club books” now. If I can stay on top of my book club reading, then this will come in handy. But with quarantine brain, you never can tell.

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  4. Of these I’ve only read Heartstone which didn’t work for me because I’m picky haha. But I do want to read the sequels to it anyway. 😀 I also want to read Sherwood and I think I have that Tanya Huff book in my TBR from when you mentioned it before. 🙂

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  5. I have The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids and Sherwood. I think I downloaded them based on your reviews in the past. I have not read them yet, although Sherwood in on audiobook, so I am going to try and listen to it soon.

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