Corona Project – Cleaning My Office

Cleaning out your office may not sound like a worthy Corona Project, but I have been using my office as a catch-all storage area for the better part of a year and it was a MESS.

Before Corona, on the random days I worked from home I would just work from the couch or my kitchen table.  But as soon as the order came to work from home everyday I decided I needed to re-claim my office.

The first day I cleared everything off my desk (into a pile on the floor) so that I could at least have a place to work.  Then every day I kept chipping away at the mess until, exactly a month later, I have a clean room!

Part of what took so long is that I decided to sort through and organize my funko pops, legos, books, and nick-nacks. (Plus I dusted everything)

While working from my office I was also able to get some pictures of Temperance and Logan! (Temperance likes to look out the window and bark at the people walking past)

It took me a while, but I love my office right now, and I’m enjoying actually being able to use it for the first time! (it became a storage room basically as soon as I redecorated it back in June 2019) This room went from unusable to my favorite room in the house!

This time around, my project was just cleaning and re-claiming my space, but back in June is when I actually did the re-decorating of the room.  My mom was integral in that process. I couldn’t have done it without her!

I never posted pictures originally, so her is the makeover we did in June:

As you can see it was a mess then too, but I never had a reason to regularly use this room until now, so I haven’t been able to fully appreciate and love it! (now I just need to keep it clean after Corona is over!)

24 thoughts on “Corona Project – Cleaning My Office

  1. WOW, what a fantastic job! The room looks so cozy and functional, full of favorite things as well! I’m glad you had a project to work on over the last month and reclaimed your office. I should work on my apt at some point.

    Also, please more cat pics

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  2. Your office looks like a pop culture dream, Brittany! [I especially love the wolverine poster]. I can 100% relate to having a catch-all storage area – my spare room [which basically serves as a rec room] was exactly the same. Cleaning it out was the first project I started when I was stood down from work. I’ve turned mine into a “media room” now. I’ve got my movie library with my TV and Xbox in one corner and then my desk on the other side. It’s all white with wicker baskets and beach themed nick-nacks. Still not as cool as yours though! 😉

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    1. Thanks!!! The Wolverine poster is the crown jewel of my random collection ❤ Its my favorite! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a catch-all room 😀 And I bet yours is every bit as cool as mine! Beach themes are super fun, and it sounds like a great place to hang out!

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  3. What a success! I also cleaned my office / craft room as a corona project. It’s something I’d been meaning to do since forever but had been a low priority. Since I’ve been working from home the mess got on my nerves and I finally had to take action. At least some of this extra time at home as been put to good use.
    LOVE the look of your room, it’s really cool.

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