OwlCrate January 2020 Unboxing

OwlCrate January 2020 Unboxing

Vengeance Will Be Mine




We got another mug!!!! I love this series, and I have all 4 so far!!!

The candle smells amazing! And I love pin banners because I have waaay to many pins.  Socks are always a fun addition.  I’m not a huge fan of the pocket mirror.  It says it has a hidden compartment, but unless I’m missing something, its not hidden at all.  I like the quote on it, but the white is boring.

I usually like it when Owlcrate goes all out and completely changes the cover design instead of just changing the colors, but I actually like the original better for this one.


Overall I love this box because of the mug, candle, and pin banner!!!

Next Month’s Theme: A Power Within

21 thoughts on “OwlCrate January 2020 Unboxing

  1. This really is a fun subscription box! If I was more interested in the books they include, it would be really tempting. Alas, while I usually think the covers are lovely, the books aren’t on my TBR more than half the time. I guess I’ll just enjoy the box through your posts instead! 😉 I love the mug set.

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