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Review: Blood of Elves

Blood of Elves

by Andrzej Sapkowski, translated by Danusia Stok, narrated by Peter Kenny



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Witcher Series:

  • The Last Wish [short stories]
  • Sword of Destiny [short stories]
  • Blood of Elves
  • The Time of Contempt
  • Baptism of Fire
  • The Tower of the Swallow
  • Lady of the Lake
  • Season of Storms [prequel]


I’m still loving this series!! Its amazing! I’m currently obsessed, and I’m going to start the next book IMMEDIATELY!

(I still haven’t started the video games because I don’t want to spoil the books but I can’t wait to play them when I’m done reading!)

Blood of Elves is slower than The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, but I knew that going in.ย  This is the first full book, while the first two are collections of short stories.ย  Also, Blood of Elves is more Ciri’s story then Geralt’s and I am totally okay with that because Ciri is awesome too.

On a random side note, because I watched the TV show first, while reading I picture Yennifer and Geralt as Anya Chalotra and Henry Cavill. The pictures in my head look just like the characters in the show.ย  But Ciri is different.ย  While reading, the picture of Ciri that my brain makes is totally different than what the actress, Freya Allan, looks like. I can’t really explain how she looks in my head but its totally different. I also picture Dandelion differently, again, not sure why.ย  (This random thought was spurred by a fun discussion post from Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight: How much do you “see” and “hear” in your head while reading?)


Like I said earlier, Blood of Elves, is slower but it is far from boring.ย  There is a lot of character development and the plot is definitely building.ย  There is enough action to keep you interested and enough intrigue to make you want more.ย  I have a feeling the books are just going to keep getting more and more epic as the table is set. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!!

30 thoughts on “Review: Blood of Elves

  1. I’m still reading Sword of Destiny, but I’m also loving this series. And I’m watching the series over again. And I just started playing Witcher 3, only played like an hour of it so far, so I haven’t gotten deep enough in to knowing how I feel about the game yet.

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      1. Understandable. I’m following along with Witcher 3 just fine having just read The Last Wish and watched the show. It does help to understand a bit about the world and the magic and creatures before getting into the game, but my fiance has never read the books but loved playing the game. So I guess it doesn’t really matter which order you enjoy the Witcher world, so long as you enjoy them.

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    1. Do both!!!! Haha I didn’t know the show was based on the books when I watched it, but it definitely didn’t detract from the books having watched the show! And now I want to re-watch the show but I’m too obsessed with reading the books at the moment


  2. Love, love, love everything Witcher. I first discovered it via video game. I’ve only played Witcher 3, so that didn’t spoil it too much for me. The game is da bomb! I spent over 200 hours on it (with the expansions: Blood and Wine, and Hearts of Stone). I started listening to the audiobooks too. I did the first two short stories books, and now I’m on Season of Storms. I read where it was okay to read that one before the main series.

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    1. I’m glad you liked the game!! I’m super excited to give it a try!! I’m definitely going to start with the 3rd game, tho I still want to finish the books first! I thought about reading Season of Storms before the main series, but I was too excited to start the main series so I am saving that one for last haha.


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