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Review: Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley

Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley

by Kelly Miller



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I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review. Kelly Miller has a new book coming out soon! I can’t wait to read it too.

In case you didn’t know, Pride and Prejudice is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER! I love it โค And I love reading spin-offs, sequels , and retellings. When I was contacted to read a copy of Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley I was super excited (and I was not disappointed!)

When the Angel of Death decides to take a Holiday he decides to visit Pemberley.ย  He has observed Darcy and Elizabeth and is intrigued and enchanted by their sincere happiness and passion for life.ย  He wants to know their secret, so he decides to take a human form and visit. (His name is Graham)

I love the characters, both old and new.ย  It can be super hard for authors to capture the essence of Austen’s characters but I thought Miller did an amazing job writing Elizabeth and Darcy.ย  I also loved the new characters.ย  Graham especially was super cool. I loved watching him develop.ย  I liked that Elizabeth and Darcy were completely and totally still in love, but they still weren’t perfect and they still had disagreements.ย  It felt real.

The story was fun and at times a little silly but I liked the premise. I liked all the different characters we saw throughout the book and the resolutions to all their different problems.ย  I liked the main two conflict points in the story but there were some side conflicts that I could have done without.ย  Not every marriage has an issue and it felt like everyone in the story needed a problem just for the sake of having a problem.ย  But while I didn’t love some of the issues, they did help show Graham’s growth, so they didn’t distract from the story.

Overall I really liked this book, and am excited for Miller’s next book! If you like Pride and Prejudice sequels with a bit of a supernatural twist then you will like this one!!



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