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Children’s Book Reviews (Mini Reviews Part 8)

Its mini review time!!! I have read 5 Children’s books in the last month or so, and I have been saving them all for one post because I am not talented enough to write full reviews for such short books.

Crazy Hair

by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean

4583488 (1)

I love the story, but hate the art. The art is super creepy and just not my cup of tea, but the story was fun and easy to read and it flowed really well.


Crazy Hair pirates


I do like the pirate ship, but the rest is too weird and creepy for me.

Baby Shark

illustrated by John Bajet

42293294._SX318_ (1)

This is literally just the baby shark song with pictures….


I guess it also has little icons to show you the dance moves too, but be prepared to sing. My 2 year old niece LOVES this book because she is obsessed with the song. (She tells my Alexa to play it and it is the cutest thing)


Part of me wants to be annoyed with this book because having to sing while reading is torture but I can’t hate it because my niece loves it.  Plus I really do like the artwork.

I Love You As Big As The World

by David Van Buren, illustrated by Tim Warnes


I Love You To The Moon And Back

by Amelia Hepworth, illustrated by Tim Warnes

This is going to be the worst review ever, because I read these two books back to back and I liked one and didn’t like the other but I can’t remember which one I liked …

Both books have the same illustrator and and I love the artwork:

And both the stories were cute, but one was super choppy and the other flowed really nicely.  And unfortunately I can’t remember which one was which.

A Kiss For You

by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Laura Barker

41546755._SX318_ (2)

This is a chunky board book so the pages are waaaay thicker than normal board books so there is only 4 or 5 pages.  Its super short, but I still liked it.

Its also a lift-the-flap book and I thought it was really clever how they did it. when you flip the flaps over the picture changes bringing the parent and their baby closer together.



Have you read any of these? Are these the kinds of books that your kiddos love? Do you know a child obsessed with Baby Shark? Lets chat!

4 thoughts on “Children’s Book Reviews (Mini Reviews Part 8)

  1. OMG I love the lift the flap book! My kids would have loved reading that one – it’s very cute. I don’t think they would be interested now (3 in their twenties and a teenager), but I can hope for a grand-baby one day to read it to. I also agree, the illustrations in the Hair book are way too strange for me. I also don’t think my kids would have liked it. Thanks for sharing these books 🙂


  2. Fun mini review! I agree, picture books are usually way too hard for me to review. I don’t think I would have been able to bring myself to finish the crazy hair book, because I don’t like the art either.

    We don’t have kids, but sometimes Mr. Wyrm sings Baby Shark just to annoy me. Or maybe someone else sang it and got it stuck in his head and so he’s just sharing. I’m not sure… (The art is cute, though.)


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