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OwlCrate November 2019 Unboxing

IMG_9043 (2)

IMG_9078 (2)


  • The Cruel Prince throw blanket by Bookmark’d Tattoos
  • Uprooted metal bookmark by Her Paper World
  • The Raven Boys wooden ornament by Juniper and Ivy Designs
  • Reading Planner by Blue Star Press
  • Planner Stickers by Pipsticks
  • Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw
  • Enamel Pin by Four Season Fox

I don’t really use a reading planner, so I don’t know if I’m going to keep this, but I like the layouts.

I love the bookmark, and I am super excited that I finally have some Uprooted stuff, but it kind of pisses me off that the creator put her logo on the one side and its bigger than the quote on the other side.  None of the other creators put their logos on at all, or if they do its smaller and unobtrusive.

This blanket is awesome! Its super soft and a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

I love the sprayed edges and the shiny naked cover! I like the blues and the foil on the jacket too, but I like the black of the original cover better.

Overall, I liked this box. I’m super excited for the Uprooted bookmark, despite the giant creator logo. I’ve actually used it already and I rarely use bookmarks.

Next month’s box is Tales of Trickery which could be pretty cool!

15 thoughts on “OwlCrate November 2019 Unboxing

  1. I definitely agree about the metal bookmark. The logo being on it is weird and obtrusive. Blanket was definitely the best item this month I love it. One of my top five for the year.


  2. Great unboxing! I’m still waiting on mine to arrive (welp living over this side of the world) but I’m super excited to get it. Even though it’s a gazillion degrees right now, I still can’t wait to get that blanket and wrap myself up in all its softness. I love the colors too! And I have to say that I really like this white cover edition (that naked cover though 😍)! It gives more of an ‘icy’ vibe, rather than dark and scary… But it’s gorgeous! Aah, I’m so excited (if you can’t tell) haha


  3. The reading planner is really cute, but I can see myself forgetting about it and leaving it to gather dust. The concept is really cute though. I love that there was an Uprooted item, we need more merch for that book. Just a shame that the owner didn’t make their logo a bit more subtle.

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  4. I can’t believe I haven’t been able to post my beautiful unboxing! I made the video and edited but I haven’t been on Instagram! This year has been SO BUSY! (sobs loudly)
    At least you I can enjoy YOUR unboxings 🙂 oh I ADORE the pin and the planner!


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