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SciFi Month: Kickass Heroines


Today’s #SciFiMonth prompt is Kickass Heroines! I love this prompt so much I am doing both a post here and I did an Instagram photo:


I haven’t read Aurora Rising yet, but based on the cover and everyone’s rave reviews, I’m pretty sure it will contain a Kickass Heroine!

Also, shameless plug – my sister made me that awesome Read candle holder! You can buy one from her FB page, The Craft Guru Boutique!

Now for my list!

Kickass SciFi Heroines

Alana from Saga

Cyra from Carve the Mark

Image Source

Katniss from The Hunger Games

Alexia from Soulless

Image Source

Evie from Heroine Complex

Who is your favorite Kickass SciFi Heroine? Do you love any of the lovely ladies I listed here? Lets chat!

41 thoughts on “SciFi Month: Kickass Heroines

  1. Great list! Adding other kickass heroines – Mendoza from Kage Baker’s The Company novels – she is spiky and very, very clever; Avery from the Vardeshi Sage by Meg Pechenick – there have only been two books so far, but I’m very much hoping for more; and Pepper, the engineer from A Close and Common Orbit – I LOVED her…

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  2. I love this! For Sci Fi females I love that are bad-asses, I think I have to go with the girls from the Illuminae Files and the one from This Mortal Coil. I want to say Kat? I should have looked it up to be sure, but I’m going with it. I’m horrible with names.

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