The Mandalorian – Spoiler Free Review (also Disney + and SciFi Month)


This is basically the path my emotions took while watching S1E1 of The Mandalorian:

First of all HOW DARE THEY ONLY RELEASE ONE EPISODE?!?!?! Did everyone else know about this?!?! And if they are only releasing 1 episode why is it only 40 minutes long?!?! I want more!!!!! In case anyone else managed to miss this info, here is the release schedule:

  • Episode 1: November 12
  • Episode 2: November 15
  • Episode 3: November 22
  • Episode 4: November 29
  • Episode 5: December 6
  • Episode 6: December 13
  • Episode 7: December 18
  • Episode 8: December 27

Second off, I am in love with the Helmeted gunfighter ❤ I know I am setting myself up for disappointment *cough* Adam Driver *cough* (Don’t get me wrong, I love Driver as Kylo Ren, but that was just the lamest most disappointing face reveal ever) But I can’t help it! The Helmeted gunfighter is soooo cool! I don’t know who the actor is so don’t you dare tell me! Just let me have my fantasy and be disappointed by reality later!

I can’t wait to see what we learn about our Helmeted Gunfighter.  We get glimpses into his past that are definitely teasers for a great back story!! I can’t wait! Urg I’m just SOOOO EXCITED!

giphy (18)

There was one scene where our favorite bounty hunter was riding a certain creature and the music was super epic and it was hilarious. (You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it) I don’t know why but that scene was amazing


I have Spoken



I can’t say more about the Mandolorian because I absolutely refuse to post any spoilers about the ending, so lets switch gears and talk about Disney +

My sister and I are splitting a years subscription so we are each paying $35 and I believe it is totally worth it. We are also letting our Mom and Brother mooch off our subscription, but you can stream on 4 devices at once so we shouldn’t have any problem!

I have found one glitch, but I doubt it will last long.  If you start a show and try to come back to it, it re-starts from the beginning.  Since there are no ads its not a big deal, you can just fast forward to the point that you were at.

I have only been using it for a couple hours but so far it is living up to the hype! The show and movie selection is AMAZING!!! They even have Motocrossed! (Idk why but that Disney Chanel Original movie always stuck with me)




Don’t forget its SciFi Month!!! SciFi Month is 30 days of sharing your enthusiasm for all things science fictional hosted by There’s Always Room For One More and Dear Geek Place

And whats more SciFi than Star Wars?!?!

giphy (17)

Seriously, I might need to go re-watch all of them. I may or may not have just watched The Mandalorian episode 3 times in a row …

Did you watch the Mandalorian?!?! Did you get Disney + ?!?! What do you think? (Of either or both!) Lets Chat!

20 thoughts on “The Mandalorian – Spoiler Free Review (also Disney + and SciFi Month)

  1. Not watched it yet. Gonna wait til all the EPS are out and I can buy them on Amazon video. We already have CBS all-acess to watch Star Trek Discovery, and while we enjoy SW, we are soooo much more a ST household. Also, I’m spoiled now (thanks Netflix…) and like to binge series. I let two or three Disco EPs collect before watching new ones 🤣. Glad you liked the show tho!!

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    1. I am a total binge watcher too, so I was super disappointed to find out they were releasing only one episode at a time :/ but that didn’t stop me from watching it. I use my friend’s Netflix account, my parents HBO account, and Hulu comes free with my phone, and I have Amazon Prime for the free shipping, so I don’t really pay for any of those show services, but that is where I watch all my TV haha. And they are all super conductive to Binge watching! This watching one episode at a time is new to me! I don’t like it 😂


  2. We haven’t signed up for Disney+ yet (which is weird because we’re big Disney fans), but then we don’t watch much TV these days. We’ve been watching more TED talks and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 than anything. We’ll get Disney+ eventually, I’m sure. (Not no Disney+ = no Mandalorian yet, so I can’t comment on that, either.)

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    1. There is so much cool stuff! My sister was sick yesterday and stayed home and binge watched Lizzie McGuire 😂😂

      Yesssssss Shirt Punch already has a shirt but I don’t particularly love it haha but I’m sure there will be lots more coming!!


  3. Ooh I can’t wait to start The Mandalorian! I assume it was good then haha? Although yeah the release schedule- *sputter* who thought THAT was a good idea???? *side eyes Disney*

    Nice use of GIF-age too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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