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Friday Face Off: Scream

Friday Face Off is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, and run by Lynn’s Book Blog. You can check out all my past Friday Face Offs here.

“It’s your favorite scary movie, remember? He had on the white mask, he stalked the babysitters.”

This weeks theme:  A cover featuring a scream.

My Choice:  Lord of the Flies

This book made me want to scream … does that count? Haha I also found one whole cover with a kid screaming on it


Penguin 2016 | Penguin 1959 | Penguin 1999 | Penguin 2003

Penguin 1987 | Turkey Isbank Cultural 2010 | Perfection Learning 1959 | Faber and Faber 2012

Perigee 2003 | Allen & Unwin 2006 | Dar Al Haraf 2006 | Faber & Faber 1958

Alianza 2010 | Faber and Faber 1962 | BIS 2011 | Algoritam 1999

Faber 1979 | Kastaniotis 2016 | Fischer  2012 | Mondadori 2016

Law Publishing 2017 | Kindle 2017 | Estrella Polar 2014 | Future D. 2015

Least Favorites:


For how much I hated this book, I am surprised that I actually like a lot of the covers.



Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know in the comments!!

16 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: Scream

  1. Feeling like you want to scream absolutely counts~! imo lol It was so hard to find a book like that! I think my favourite is either the Penguin 2016 with the boy screaming OR Penguin 1987. I actually like an entire row because like you said there are many good covers here 🙂 The Last Row!

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    1. This week was a super hard topic haha I like the art work on the 1987 one but I’m just not a huge fan of the pig’s head, though its a pretty pig part of the book. So there were so many editions of Lord of the Flies that I took all the editions from the first page and then randomly picked some other covers that I liked 😂 That is why the last row has so many good ones 😂 😂

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  2. Huge congratulations on your choice – I think you’ve nailed this one:)). And WHAT a lot of covers to choose from. I really like the Faber and Faber 2012 cover as I think the design is just so flipping clever – but I also love the Perigree 2003 cover – that boy looks as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth…

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    1. Haha Thanks! And I didn’t even scratch the surface on the total amount of covers that exist!! The Perigree cover is the one I read in school. I have never heard that saying before? What does it even mean Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth?

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  3. Wow, some really good covers – I like all three of your favourites but on balance would probably have gone for the same one you went for – and it fits with your orange cover themes too,
    Lynn 😀

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