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Friday Face Off: Inn/Hotel

Friday Face Off is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, and run by Lynn’s Book Blog. You can check out all my past Friday Face Offs here.

“And, though there should be a world of difference between the smile of a man and the bared fangs of a wolf, with Joss Merlyn they were one and the same.”

This weeks theme:  A cover featuring an Inn/Hotel.

My Choice:  Austenland

I don’t know if this is technically an Inn/Hotel, but she does go on vacation and stays there, so I think it counts!


Bloomsbury 2007 | Bloomsbury 2010 | Bloomsbury 2013 (1) | Bloomsbury 2013 (2)

Bloomsbury 2013 (3) | Record 2014 | Charleston 2013 | Piemme 2017

Presence 2013| Artemis 2016| Pocket 2014

Argo 2013 | Magic wine 2013 | Guy Saint-Jean 2013

Random fact: The book was originally published in 2007, but 8 of the 14 covers are from 2013 (which is when the movie was released)

Least Favorites:

The cover on the left looks like she has only one leg and it reminds me of the lamp from A Christmas Story.





Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know in the comments!!

18 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: Inn/Hotel

  1. Ahh, you are a Jane Austin fan. I have put Pride and Prejudice off for far too long and yes the mansion could be a hotel.
    I like the artist illustration ones like Bloomsbury 2010 and 2013(2). It’s hard to pick one though. Record 2014 is also simple and effective. hmmmm I like the one-legged lamp 🙂 ha! After all that, I think Bloomsbury 2013(2), the one you chose, is my favourite of them all too! It’s gotta be the pony. How it is done is so pretty IMO. I love that hairstyle 🙂

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  2. I haven’t read this – and it looks great fun:)). I like the Bloomsbury 2007 cover best, though it was a difficult decision. Thank you for these – I thought they were a delightful selection:)

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