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OwlCrate July 2019 Unboxing

Tournaments & Trials

July 2019 OwlCrate Box




  • The Selection lanyard by Four Seasons Fox
  • The Hunger Games coin purse by Kit Cronk Studio
  • The Night Circus 300 piece puzzle designed by Holly Dunn Design
  • A Gathering of Shadows playing cards by Nicole Deal, Gina Hilton, Diana Dworak, and Michelle Gray
  • Goblet of Fire mug by Cara Kozik
  • Spin The Dawn signed by Elizabeth Lim
  • Spin The Dawn enamel pin by Dust and Pages

I was hoping for some Robin Hood or Merlin merch, so I am a little disappointed in the box, but I love the mug, and the puzzle and cards are fun, unique items, so overall I am happy with the box.

I’m not a big ran of the lanyard.  I’m not exactly sure how the pictures have anything to do with The Selection? (I’m thinking of the book by Kiera Cass, is there a different book or am I missing something?)

The pin has beautiful colors but its super hard to tell what the design is.

I like the coin purse and I am sure I will find something to put in it (coins maybe 😉 ) but I am kind of tired of that quote.

These cards are gorgeous and I love the red edges!! And I can always use more decks of Cards!

At first I was a bit disappointed that the puzzle was only 300 pieces, but it ended up being a super challenging puzzle so it was a lot of fun! There are so many tiny details in the picture that it really is a work of art in itself!

The puzzle was hard mostly because of the design.  At first glance there isn’t a lot of variation. But it was made even harder by the cut of the puzzle.  All the pieces were roughly the same shape (two ins and two outs) and there were a couple pieces that fit where they weren’t supposed to.  I got down to the last piece and was so excited to finish it! But, even though the piece fit, the pattern didn’t match 😦


Bonus points if you can find the other piece that is in the wrong spot!! (It took me a while, and I had the physical puzzle in front of me)


Did you find it? (Hint: Its in the top right quarter)

The best item is the mug! I am totally in love with it! Its useful and it matches the one I already have (and I ordered the 1st one so soon I will have the full set!)

Last is the book. I think the OwlCrate cover change is super lame. They changed the title from silver to a light gold and you can barely tell the difference. Also I am not super interested in the book so I left it in the wrapping.  I haven’t decided yet if I am going to try and trade it or if I am going to do a giveaway, but either way I’m going to leave it in the wrapper.

Next month’s theme is Storms and Seas which sounds super cool! I hope we get some good pirate stuff!


18 thoughts on “OwlCrate July 2019 Unboxing

  1. I’m glad you pointed out the difference in the covers, because I stared at the picture for a good minute and couldn’t tell the difference. I thought I was going crazy. Sorry you weren’t more excited for the book itself, but it would make a great giveaway for some one!

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  2. Great unboxing! I am so so excited for this box and from the looks of it I think I’ll really like all the items included, especially the book. I’ve been so excited to receive and read it! 😃 Although yeah, that change in the cover is kinda lame… Lol

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  3. Yikes, I found the puzzle piece faster than I found the difference in the book covers…

    I would assume the lanyard is meant to mean the Kiera Cass book, because The Selection could be called a trial. I am very disappointed there was no Robin Hood or Camelot stuff in it, though. That just makes so much more sense. Oh well, I guess they have to base it off the stuff they have access to. Still, all of those that I’m familiar with (except The Night Circus) are more “reality show” than what I think of as true tournaments or trials.

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    1. I cheated when finding the difference between the book covers and read the blurb 😂 😂

      I was super bummed too that there wasn’t any Robin Hood stuff!!! I would think they should have access to it because anything that is just general Robin Hood should be out of copywrite? Same with anything Camelot.

      The Essen Tach (the cards) is a big tournament for magic users. The Tri-Wizard tournament (mug) has tournament in the title 😉 and the Hunger Games (pouch) is also a tournament of sorts, just with really really high stakes and you don’t get to choose if you want to participate. So I was ok with those ones! The Selection one I agree seems more of a reality show, and I guess The Night Circus could be considered a tournament tho I never really thought of it that way!


  4. Really love those cards! I think one of the reasons I don’t subscribe to book boxes is because I end up with a mix of things I like and don’t like and I’m terrible at getting rid of things I don’t like so I end up accumulating a ton of stuff…lol!

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  5. I haven’t read The Selection, but the lanyard did seem a little out of place compared to the rest of the items. It would have been sweet if there was a Merlin or Robin Hood related item! Part of the reason I’m more choosy about when I purchase an Owlcrate box is because sometimes I feel like the items aren’t as great as they could be for the price. How many candles or coin purses or bookmarks or whatever do I really need? I’m sure they have to include items that are available, but I find a lot of repeats. The mugs are cool, though! Some items can be repeats and still be useful. And I do like the puzzle but I was afraid it wouldn’t match completely because I struggled just to do the border and haven’t bothered to finish it yet.Glad it’s a challenge, but not too challenging, eh?

    Sorry the book doesn’t interest you. I thought it was good. I’m sad too that the cover change was only the words. It would have been cool if they could have done something else like sprayed the edges or something too. I realize also they have to work with what the publisher allows them to do, but sometimes just changing a small aspect doesn’t make me feel like it’s that exclusive of a cover.

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    1. I would have loved some Robin Hood merch ❤ I think they really missed the mark by not doing either something Robin Hood or Merlin. I should probably be more choosy of the ones I buy but I am too worried I will miss something awesome. Also I don't like reading any of the spoilers, which I would have to do if I got picky on which ones I ordered. I feel like OwlCrate is trying to put unique but still useful items in their boxes. Yes, they have a lot of pouches, but they also did an umbrella, some cards, a beanie. Stuff like that! I hope you are able to finish the puzzle! I like challenging puzzles so I liked this one. Other than a few pieces I didn't have an issue with pieces fitting where they weren't supposed to, so that was good!

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      1. I totally understand being worried about missing something awesome. The only thing I try to figure out ahead of time is the book because that’s my main reason for getting a book box.

        I do like that Owlcrate does unique things too! Maybe I was just overloaded with so many book box items.

        And challenging puzzles are the best!

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