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OwlCrate June 2019 Unboxing

Libraries of Wonder

June 2019 OwlCrate Box




  • Key Gel Pen
  • Library Quote coaster set illustrated by KDP Letters
  • Beauty and The Beast inspired coffee by Book Beau
  • Strange The Dreamer Tote Bag designed by Stella Bookish Art
  • The Chronicles of Narnia metal book ends designed by Hey Alas Creative
  • Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson
  • Sorcery of Thorns sticker decal
  • Sorcery of Thorns enamel pin designed by Brio and Brandish

You may or may not have noticed, but there are items missing from the picture above.  The first (and most obvious) is the book itself.  The second is the coffee. These aren’t missing because I’ve read / drank them.  They are missing because my dogs completely destroyed them 😦 I’m not sad about the coffee because I don’t like coffee and was just going to give it to my friend, but I am super bummed about the book 😦 I think I will end up buying another copy because I actually really want to read this one!

*not my dog but I imagine this is what happens when they get loose in the house when I am not home!

I love love love these coasters!! Part of me wants to use them but part of me doesn’t want them to get ruined either.  (I think I will save the HP one and use the rest!) Here are the quotes they feature:

  • When in doubt go to the library.
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
  • Imagine a place where the dead rest on shelves like books.
    • The Unbound by Victoria Schwab
  • Libraries were full of ideas – perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.
    • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
  • Books spoke mind to mind, soul to soul across the abyss of time and distance.
    • Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine

I haven’t read the book associated with the tote but it is really really pretty and I love the blue color! Also, the pin is awesome.  Even without reading the book this is my favorite OwlCrate pin so far! Its got a cat and books on it!

I’ve already found homes for the Gel Pen and one of the bookends!

The Gel Pen is cool and it writes really well.  I don’t have a ton of use for pens but I stuck it in my Groot pencil Holder at work.

The bookends have a really cool design, but I actually like them better because they have a super low profile.  I can use them in my bookshelf cubbies and you can’t see them at all.  I am using one of them to hold up my Deadpool Graphic Novels so that I can decorate the rest of the box with my Deadpool funko pops!

Like I mentioned earlier, my dogs destroyed my copy of a Sorcery of Thorns 😦 but I am going to buy another copy because it sounds awesome!

I absolutely loved this box! I love that the items are actually useful.  Everything that wasn’t eaten by my dogs will actually get used at some point (if it hasn’t been used already!) I think my favorite items are the bookends, but mostly because I just re-did my library and they came it super handy!

Next month’s theme is Tournaments & Trials which sounds … interesting? Haha but we get a mug and I love mugs!

27 thoughts on “OwlCrate June 2019 Unboxing

  1. So sorry about the destroyed book. 😦 The next box could be really fun! Could include Camelot, or Robin Hood, or Alice and Wonderland (the chess pieces made me think of Alice), or all kinds of fun stuff!

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    1. Oh no 😦 poor puppy ❤ Luckily mine don't get freaked out by thunder and fireworks. One of them decided they didn't like to be left home so she broke out of their area and the other dog followed and likes to chew everything haha. I have a new copy from Barnes and Noble in the mail 😀


  2. Oh no! Sorcery of Thorns is definitely worth getting another copy of. I actually own the original and the OwlCrate editions. I’m looking forward to the July box because I’m pretty sure the book is Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim, which is a book on my anticipated releases list–actually the August OwlCrate book is on my anticipated list to. So yay!

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    1. Barnes and Noble is having a big sale so I ordered another copy! It sounds really good. I hope you like the next two books 😀 (also I have seen someone else say they thought it was going to be Spin the Dawn so you didn’t spoil anything, but I usually try to avoid spoilers and don’t like to know what the next books is 😉 )


      1. B&N sales are great.

        I don’t really think of book reveals as a spoiler since they give a description of the next book in each box. But I guess I can understand the appeal of not knowing until you open the box.

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      2. Haha I don’t read the descriptions 😂😂 The only thing I look at is the card that reveals the theme. I don’t buy enough new books that I am not too worried about already owning the book so I like to be surprised! 😀


  3. Omg, I’m so sorry to hear that, I would have cried so hard! Haha Sorcery of Thorns is one of my favorite reads this year, so it’s definitely worth getting another copy of! My box also had some missing items but not Owlcrate’s fault. I’m pretty sure it’s just the customs that rifled through and didn’t put it all back. So annoying 🙄 But anyway, this was such a great box. I love Owlcrate! 🥰 So keen for July’s box!

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    1. Barnes and Noble is having a big sale so I ordered another copy! What was your box missing? That really sucks about customs 😦 A long time ago OwlCrate sent out socks where one was supposed to say book and the other was supposed to say nerd but mine both said book. I contacted OwlCrate and they were super awesome about getting me the missing sock and they even gave me extra goodies to apologize for the mistake. If its customs that messes up your box then they might not do anything, but it might be worth contacting them?

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      1. It was only missing the pen and the explainer card (that lists what’s in the box)… Not so much annoyed that the items were missing than that customs would either take things or not put things back properly. Proper annoying! It’s never happened before either so that’s why it was shockin’. Anyway, it’s fine, just made me a bit apprehensive about the next box! Hopefully nothing will be missing 🤞🏽

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  4. Oh no. How sad about the book – but what a great box of goodies. Two puppies of mine destroyed all my plants one day, chewed them up and shook them out – soil absolutely all over.
    I hope you grad another copy of Sorcery of Thorns – it’s so good.
    Lynn 😀

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    1. Oh no! did you at least have hardwood floors? Or did they get dirt all over carpet? That could be a disaster. As for the book, of all the things they could have gotten too the book is one of the least disastrous. I have already ordered a new copy, so it isn’t a huge deal 🙂


  5. When I heard this theme, I knew what the book was and decided to buy this one. It was definitely worth it and I love so many of the items. I wish I could send you the coffee because I don’t drink coffee. I’m sorry that your dog ate the book but it looks like the cover is mostly intact? So you at least could wrap it around another copy, if you wanted.

    I love reading your unboxings and seeing all the detailed pictures!

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    1. That is super sweet of you! But I actually don’t like coffee either so it wasn’t that big of a deal 😀

      And my original plan was to keep the cover and do exactly like you said, and use it on a different copy, but I actually found someone on twitter who got both the fairly loot and the owlcrate versions so I am going to trade her a couple other books I own for the OwlCrate edition! So I will be getting a new copy soon 😀


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