My Library Overhaul!

Two and a half years ago I moved into my new house and decorated the office / library / comic room like this:

I really liked this set up but I quickly ran out of bookshelf space and decided that instead of purging books I would just get more / bigger bookshelves.  This was the end result:

As you can see, I never got around to hanging back up my pictures and I was still out of shelf space so the room quickly became a mess.

On Friday I woke up super early (not on purpose) and was thinking about how I wanted to replace the giant bean bag with a couch.  It would open up the room and give me a lot more floor space. Basically on a whim, I measured the spot and went to Ikea.

While at Ikea I saw their desks and bookshelves and decided 2 things.  I needed a desk more than I needed a couch and I wanted to re-do the whole room. (I have been using my kitchen table as a desk / craft table for about 3 months and it isn’t really fair to my roommate.  Also, I have a bunch of autographs and art that I want to hang up) At this point I basically gave up at adulting on my own and had to bring in my mom.

My mom saved the day! She helped me plan, measure, shop, build, and hang everything! (My Dad and Brother also helped build things, but my mom gets most of the credit for how it turned out) This is the end result:

I had to purge a lot of books, but, surprisingly it wasn’t that difficult to do (I was never going to read them again anyway).  I thought I was going to have trouble narrowing down my collection until it fit on the new bookshelves but I actually ended up with two empty cubbyholes for future books!

I am super in love with my room and I love all of my art and stuff so here are some more pictures!

44 thoughts on “My Library Overhaul!

    1. Thanks!! 😊 Haha I used to have a guest room but I got a roommate who is now in that room, so technically I don’t have a guest room 😂😂 My mom tried to get me to turn my library into a guest room but I don’t really need a guest room


      1. A few plans, mostly involving a couple trips to IKEA. I’ve wanted a corner desk for several years now, so I’m excited about that. Of course I need to get my fiance’s cosplay and craft table moved out of my office corner and into the closet where it belongs, lol. And then for the sitting/reading area, I already have a coffee table, and a chair from IKEA I love, so I’m going to get a matching chair and maybe a couple footrests. It’ll be nice, but it isn’t a top priority project.

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  1. Gorgeous!!! I LOVE the art! Did you get most of the prints from book boxes? I don’t have the space at the moment but with a move coming up soon, I am already thinking of how I will decorate :] I’d love to have a bunch of cute prints like that for my future office/library area :]

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    1. Thanks 😊😊 I actually only got one of the prints from the book boxes (the whale one) The rest I have collect over the years, mostly from Denver Comic Con. A couple are from garage sales 😀 That is super exciting that you are getting an office/library area! Are you going to share pictures once you are done? Also Etsy might be a good place to get prints! 😀

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    1. Thanks 😊😊 I have tried to keep my decorating throughout the house as mostly adultish haha so this is the main room to collect all my nerdy things 😀 (though there are bits of nerdiness that have leaked to the rest of the house!) So I get it about not being able to revamp the living room 😂


  2. Inspiring. My personal library is a big book shelf but I have “mini libraries” around the house which I need to clean up. I have my writing desk with a small stash of raft books. I tend to visit other libraries and enjoy their organized and open space.

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  3. Hi, Great library, it’s cozy and inviting. I work in a public library and since we have an ongoing book sale, I’m constantly bringing home new books. Unfortunately, I too have limited shelf space, but feel better about purging when I know the books can go back to the book sale where they can find new owners.


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