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TOP 5 TUESDAY – Top 5 Books That Start With A-B-C-D-E

I’ve never actually participated in Top 5 Tuesday, but I love the theme of July’s topics and I am going to try and partake every Tuesday this month!! (and possibly even after that!)

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. It is a weekly meme where you pick your top 5 books for a given topic.  This month’s topics are books that start with specific letter’s.  Today is A-B-C-D-E.

My goal is to pick one book from each letter that I have read and want to spotlight (not necessarily my favorite book, because Shanah’s goal is to spotlight books we love that are overshadowed by our normal favorites) and one book that is on my TBR!


I loved The Adventures of Robin Hood as a kid and it kicked off my “Robin Hood Phase” where I read and watched a ton of different Robin Hood adaptations!

I have been meaning to read more of Jay Kristoff’s books since I fell in love with Nevernight and I have heard such great things about Aurora Rising! (and I bought a copy of it so I really need to read it!)


Baby Island will always hold a special place for me because it is one of the books my mom read to us in the car on a road trip. (I don’t actually remember anything about the book, but I enjoy the memory!)

I have been meaning to read Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance for FOREVER! And this is another one I own a copy of and just need to get around to reading it.

Beautifully decorated English alphabets, letter C

City of Dark Magic was one of the first audiobooks I ever listened to (it might even have been the first) and it was super weird.  It was about a musician that eats Beethoven’s toenails in order to travel through time and solve mysteries. (I told you it was weird!)

Remind me again why I decided to do the TBR part of this? Courting Darkness is ANOTHER book I own that I haven’t read yet…


Dealt The Devil’s Hand is one of the first Romance novels I ever read and I loved it!

Finally a TBR book that I don’t own already! (its the little things) This one is on my TBR because I love the cover!


Ella Enchanted is a weird one for me because the first time I read it I hated it, but years later I saw the movie and loved it. Then I re-read the book and loved it too.  People controlling other people (this includes body swapping, like Freaky Friday, where they no longer have control over their own bodies) has always made me deeply uncomfortable and in general I dislike reading about it.  (I’m pretty sure his stems from my fear of losing control of myself, but lets not get into that) I think when I was younger I couldn’t get past that uncomfortableness. I saw the movie when I was a little bit older, and I realized that the book is totally against the control.  Its not meant to be a comedy thing, and even the movie shows how messed up it is.  The story isn’t about her being controlled its about her breaking free.

An English Bride in Scotland has been on my Goodreads TBR longer than any other book.  I love Scottish Romances but there are so many I may or may not ever get to this particular one. (There are a lot on my TBR but I usually like reading the ones I find in old bookstores)

I had a lot of fun coming up with these! I can’t wait to do next week’s topic (I’m assuming it will be F-G-H-I-J) even though I know it will only get harder!

Have you read any of these?  Do you have books that hold random special memories that usually get pushed aside because your favorites tend to take the spotlight? Let me know!


33 thoughts on “TOP 5 TUESDAY – Top 5 Books That Start With A-B-C-D-E

  1. I love Robin Hood tales! They were always a favorite of mine, too. I’ve been trying to highlight overlooked / underrated books in my posts too (the Top Ten Tuesday ones, though, not the Top 5 Tuesday) but it’s hard! Sometimes I have to go physically look at my bookshelf to see which books I love but haven’t talked about much.

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  2. Courting Darkness is one of my most anticipated books of the year. I’m a sucker for dark and twisted tales and this sounds right up my alley. Aurora Rising sounds incredible. I loved their Illuminae Series and can’t wait to see what this book has in store for us.

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    1. The only reason I haven’t gotten to it yet is because I want to re-read the original books first haha. I loved Mortal Heart the best! I haven’t read anything by Jay Kristoff or Amie Kauffmen accept the Nevernight books, and I loved those!


  3. I’ve only read Aurora Rising from your list Brittany but I love that you also included TBR books too!! That is totally fun. I was curious about Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance and can see why that is on your list. ❤️ I didn’t know about this topic until I saw another list like yours and I have to admit I may try to catch up because I bet it was really fun to go through your goodreads shelves! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Doooooo it! Haha it was a lot of fun 😀 And Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance is one of those books that I have wanted to read forever and it sounds really good but for some reason I never actually get to it 😂

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