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CatStronauts: Mission Moon

CatStronauts: Mission Moon

by Drew Brockington


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This last weekend was Denver Pop Culture Con (previously Denver Comic Con) and, as always, there were tons of authors! I was browsing through the lists of guests, looking for people I knew, when I came across Drew Brockington.  I had never heard of his books, but who can not be intrigued by Cat Astronauts (aka CatStronauts)?!?!?! I mean look at how cute they are:


Denver Pop Culture Con was Friday – Sunday, and, me being me, I didn’t check the author list till Thursday.  Thursday after work I made a trip to Barnes and Noble and picked up a couple books to get signed, including CatStronauts!  I read it Thursday night and got it signed Friday!


CatStronauts is a middle grade graphic novel so the premise of the story is kind of silly, but it has a positive message and its about cats!  The real reason I fell in love with it was because of the artwork! I love the style and the cats are adorable!


If you have a kid who really wants to read comics, but is too young for the superhero stuff, then I would highly recommend this book!  I think it would be perfect for 6-8 year olds ❤ Though, I also recommend it to anyone who loves cats!


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