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Game of Thrones (w/ Spoilers)

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones!


If you missed it, check out my thoughts on seasons 1-4!

I have been heavily avoiding all things GOT for the last 6 weeks, so I didn’t see these posters till today and I’m low key in love with them:

Final10Source: ILikeTeeVee

My roommate and I watched all 8 hours of season 8 last night. (Sunday)  We started at 5:30 PM so we didn’t get done till 1:30 AM.  This is me at work today:

But it was worth it because (and I know this an unpopular opinion):

Game of Thrones season 8 was awesome!

I know a lot of people disagree, and you are completely entitled to your own opinion but I’m judging you.

Season 8 thoughts:

  • Episode 1 – Winterfell
    • I can’t believe that Jon’s true identity is Aegon Targaryen!!! I kind of wish Ned had told Catelyn tho.  She spent her whole life thinking her husband had cheated on her when in reality he was saving his sister’s child.
    • I love Theon’s redemption ARC.  In the books I was annoyed with his sections, but he really ended up being a great character!

  • Episode 2 – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
    • Cersei is the worst! (well, the worst character still alive. Ramsey and Joffery were pretty bad too)
    • I have been shipping Gendry and Arya since the beginning ❤ I am glad they finally got together!
    • I love that Jamie knighted Brienne! Its about time!

  • Episode 3 – The Long Night
    • This is probably the best episode of the entire show!
    • A lot of people complained it was dark and hard to see, and a lot of the stuff I don’t think we were supposed to see and I didn’t have any trouble watching it.
    • Its super sad that Viserion died, but the Ice Dragon was pretty awesome!
    • Melisandre played a huge part in winning the war, and during the war her parts were cool, but her wasting away was a super lame way to end the episode.

  • Episode 4 – The Last of the Starks
    • I’m glad that Daenerys made Gendry a true Baratheon, and named him Lord of Storm’s End.  He deserved it.
    • As much as I shipped Gendry and Arya, I am glad she rejected him.  That was a pretty awesome scene.
    • I’m glad Jon trusted his sisters enough to share who he is.  I’m sad that Sansa betrayed his trust, but I think he is the rightful King.
    • Arya and Sandor are a lot of fun to watch together.  I love the friendship they have developed
    • It really sucks that Rhaegal died! That was uncalled for!
    • I really liked Missandei  and Grey Worm! I was hoping they got their happy ending 😦 So I was sad when she died.
    • I feel like Brienne should have tried to physically stop Jamie.  I am not surprised Jamie left, but Brienne is a fighter, why did she just stand there weeping.

  • Episode 5 – The Bells
    • They totally missed out on the chance to have bad-ass Dragon Armor?!?!?
    • I know a lot of people hated this episode, but I don’t think it was out of character for her.  She has been slowly losing it for a while now.  This wasn’t just out of the blue.
    • I am sad that Daenerys became the mad queen, but it makes sense!
    • Watching Cersi in denial was just sad, she didn’t even try to do anything, she just “kept faith” in her defenses.
    • It was kind of funny when The Mountain killed Qyburn and then Cersi just of kind of walks past like “I’m just gonna leave y’all to whatever is going on here”
    • I’m sad that Varys dies and its even worse that he was betrayed by Tyrion.

  • Episode 6 – The Iron Throne
    • I’m glad Bran became King.  I think he is the best choice.  Everyone else is too biased.
    • Tho I do wish they hadn’t made such a big deal about him not being able to be a lord and then made him King. That seemed a bit contradictory.
    • I’m also glad that Sansa is ruling the North as its own kingdom! She turned into a total badass ❤
    • I’m glad Jon lived, but this is GOT and he really should have died.  There is no way the unsullied would have let him live.  Since when is the show sentimental about killing off characters?
    • Arya is my favorite and I am glad she lived!!!!! It would be super awesome if we got a spin off show about her adventures west of Westeros! (But it would be even cooler if she had Nymeria with her)
    • What happens to the Dothraki now? Do they stay in King’s Landing? We learn what happens to the unsullied but not the Dothraki?
    • I think Sansa will be a great Queen of the North! She is awesome.
    • But I don’t like her necklace? Where did it come from? And why is she always wearing it?

Seasons 5-7 thoughts:

  • I can’t believe Cerci blew up the citadel!  I am glad she got rid of The High Sparrow, but I can’t believe she wiped out the Tyrells! I really liked Margaery and her Aunt.
  • I know it was supposed to be serious when Tommen died, but it was so cheesy the way he just tipped out the window.
  • Tormund Giantsbane is hilarious and I love that he is infatuated with Brienne.
  • When Arya fed Walder Frey’s sons to him, that was super morbid, but it was also pretty cool.
  • I really wanted Littlefinger to end up being good, but he just pissed me off at every turn.
  • It worried me when Littlefinger started to turn Sansa against Arya, but they outsmarted him and it was epic ❤
  • I liked Arya’s training in Bravos.  She is so cool.
  • I can’t believe Stannis would murder his own daughter.  I cried during that part.  Stannis deserved to lose the war.
  • I really hate The Red Woman but she saved Jon and she helped a lot during the Long Night, but I still hate her.  Who burns a child?
  • Also I can’t believe that Jon was betrayed by the Night’s Watch! Tho, when he comes back to life and says his watch is over, that was a clever way to get him out of the Night’s Watch.
  • Ramsey is a terrible person and I hate him every bit as much as I hated Joffery.  It was so awesome when he was finally taken down!
  • Hodor’s revelation was sad.  Not only was he fated to give his life for Bran, his life leading up to it was marred.
  • I’m glad that Nymeria is still alive but I wish she was back to stay!

Revisiting my thoughts after season 4:

  • Catelyn Stark comes back!
    • So this didn’t happen? Why not?!?!
  • Arya joins some training thing but then steals some boots and breaks the rules and then they give her a lot of milk and she wakes up blind.
    • She goes blind in the show, but it was done completely different than in the books, but I still liked her time in Bravos!
  • I hope Gendry comes back! I really liked him. I want Arya and him to get together
    • Woop Woop!
  • I hope Nymeria comes back.  It was really sad when Arya had to send her away
    • So she came back but it wasn’t enough
  • I really hated Joffrey
    • Add Ramsey to this list!
  • I think Jaime redeems himself and I kind of like him at this point
    • aaaaand he keeps redeeming himself right up until he can’t resist his sister any longer.
  • It bugs me that his hair isn’t blonde anymore in season 4 but it was in season 1!
    • Still bugged me through the end!
  • I like Sansa better in the show than I did when reading the books
    • And she kept getting better!
  • Why won’t they let the Wildlings cross the wall? They are people too and they are just running from the winter and the White Walkers.  I am sure the North could find them land to live on.  The Wildlings would have to agree to not kill people, but I would think they could figure something out?
    • Jon did it! And he paid for it, but it was necessary.
  • In general I like the Starks but hate the Lannisters.
    • This doesn’t change, though I should have excluded Tyrion and Jamie.

So that’s the end! I have tons more thoughts but this post is super long again, so I’m just going to leave it.

Overall I really liked Game of Thrones! I heard that now that the show is over that George R.R. Martin will finish the books.  I don’t know if its true but I hope it is! I’m curious to see how he would write them! (Though I don’t have high hopes for them actually getting written)

Do you love Game of Thrones? Did you like the ending or hate it? (I hope you liked it!)

P.S. I am going to link this post up with Wyrd & Wonder because Game of Thrones is fantasy!




23 thoughts on “Game of Thrones (w/ Spoilers)

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. It felt like a recap of all the 8 seasons ❤ I started watching GOT in March and loved the first seven seasons. I loved aspects of season 8 like Arya killing the Night King but I am not too crazy about the ending. I wonder what was the point of Jon finding out his true identity, the whole character development of Dany with her conquering and liberating cities, what happens to Drogon, the Dothraki, the whole blue eyes, green eyes… I don’t know. I think Bran being king was a great move though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked it 😀 I was worried it was too long and noone would read it haha. Arya Killing the Night King was one of my favorite moments of the entire show ❤ I do want to know what happens with Drogon, and the Dothraki, but the blue eyes green eyes thing is the people she had killed. The Ice King had blue eyes and I bet Littlefinger had green?


  2. This post is awesome! And I have to agree with you. I’m tired of all the haters panning the entire series based on the ending. I loved the ending and the fact that all the characters weren’t killed off. Especially Arya sailing into the sunset!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such an interesting post! I love reading everyone’s different opinions on this season especially. I loved the first 3 episodes, but I think the rest was too rushed. I wish it could’ve all played out at the same natural pace as the other seasons. And as for the ending? I have very mixed feelings (Bran is so boring), but that doesn’t take away from my overall love of the show. I loved Jaime knighting Brienne, Arya killing the Night King, Thormund being Thormund, Dany fighting with a sword for the first time, every Arya and the Hound interaction and Sansa being Queen in the North ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 😀 I have mixed feelings about reading everyone’s opinions because it makes me sad when people don’t like it because I loved it! I do agree that they could have slowed the pacing down a bit. They could have done 8 or 10 episodes and then we would have even more GOT! But it didn’t bug me how they did it either. And yes Thormund being Thormund and every Arya and the Hound interaction was awesome! And Arya killing the Night King might have been my favorite part of the show!


  4. Those posters are awesome! I didn’t love everything they did in S8 but I like that you;re focusing on the positive stuff. Jon as a Targaryen was pretty amazing. Theon’s redemption in the battle at Winterfell was pretty awesome too.

    I’m an arya/ Gendry fan too- especially in the books.

    I thought the Long Night was pretty good. Lots of tense moments! And as for favorite moments in the whole series, I think Hodor’s revelation and the battle at Hardhome (so intense) were biggies for me!

    Great post- fun to see you break it down. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Arya and Gendry are awesome ❤ but somehow I don't mind that they didn't end up together?

      I thought Hodor's revelation was really sad but the battle at Hardhome was pretty cool. Though I really liked that female Wilding and wouldn't have minded seeing more of her.

      Thanks 🙂


  5. I waited for my daughter to have watched the last episode before reading this (basically the day before yesterday). Why? Because I’ve been watching vicariously through her screams while blogging in the kitchen! My biggest regret is what they made of Daenerys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I have an uncanny knack for not noticing plot wholes and bad writing 😂 So I was able to just enjoy it, but reading everyone else’s criticisms I have to admit that some of it was not great, but I still liked it 😀


  6. O my, I love Game of Thrones and I wish I had watched the entire Season 8 in one shot because I hate waiting for a whole week for the continuation and I really hate when shows are broadcast that way. I mean if you have all episodes ready they should upload them all. ugh. Anyway, I am happy you liked the way it ended but I am very disappointed. You didn’t like Jon Snow? wah, that makes me sad, he was my favourite character and I would have been really upset had he died 🙂 But I’m even upset he was reduced to a criminal. That was awful! C’mon Dani had to die don’t you think? She was a tyrant! Anyway, I will stop here, but you can see my review of the last episode and what I thought basically. Ask me in 10 years and I might have changed my mind 🙂 All in all, Game of Thrones was epic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nooo no no no, I do like Jon! It was just very un-George R.R. Martin of them to leave him alive haha. Arya was my favorite and as long as she survived I could have delt with anyone else dying 😂 Including Dani haha I didn’t mind her going crazy and I did think she needed to die. She had an uncanny knack for getting out of bad situations. I’ll check out your review! Thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it was very un-George R.R. Martinly to not kill off favourite characters but I’m glad he didn’t and Arya wasn’t my favourtie in fact, I never liked or cared for her story arc. Sorry, I know. It should have been Jon or Dani who killed the Night King and obviously I think Jon should’ve sat on the Iron Throne as well but meh. Arya and the Niught king was totally out of the blue but I liked that scene overall and am very sad about Theon 😦

        Liked by 2 people

  7. Well I’m glad you got more out of this than most people (me included 😉 ) I do agree with a fair amount of this- especially since I liked the first three episodes and I *definitely* agree that Sansa will make an excellent queen of the North (and I’m frankly delighted that she took her independence too- she’s better off out of the Westeros system! 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 😀 haha and Sansa is awesome I ended up really liking her! Some people have been calling her Littlefinger Jr but I don’t think she is that conniving I think she was just smart and did what she needed to survive

      Liked by 1 person

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