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#WyrdAndWonder – Fantasy Books I Can’t Wait to Read


Today’s Wyrd & Wonder Prompt is “Can’t wait to read” so here are some upcoming releases that I can’t wait to read!

The Queen of Nothing

by Holly Black, Expected Publication: 11/19/2019





The Girl the Sea Gave Back

by Adrienne Young, Expected Publication: 09/03/2019





by Jay Kristoff, Expected Publication: 09/03/2019





by Elle Katharine White, Expected Publication: 11/12/2019




Unsung Heroine

by Sarah Kuhn, Expected Publication: 07/02/2019




My plan is to these them as soon as they are released, but I am awful at following reading plans.  (I pre-ordered Courting Darkness which was released on 02/05/209 and I was soooo excited, but I haven’t actually read it yet.) Only time will tell if I actually read these when they are released, but I am super excited for them, nonetheless!


Also, its fun to note that these are the only books I am actively waiting for, and it just so happens that they are all fantasy.

What books (fantasy or not) are you looking forward to?



34 thoughts on “#WyrdAndWonder – Fantasy Books I Can’t Wait to Read

    1. It is a super pretty cover!! Tho I have the Barnes and Noble black editions of the first two so I wonder how it will look in the matching edition?

      The new Heroine Complex book is actually a novella that is meant to transition the original series into a new three book series! I am super excited!!

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  1. I’m looking forward to the next book (or three) in Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series. I have to wait until January 2020 for Come Tumbling Down (#5) though…

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      1. LOL, that’s one problem with devouring this series as soon as she publishes them. I buy the book (usually on pre-order), read it within a day or two of its release, and then have to wait a whole year for the next one. Still, as long as there are more planned I’m happy… 😉

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  2. I’m waiting on the newest Rick Riordan. But there are so many others too haha. I haven’t gotten to The Wicked King because I kind of lost interest along the way? Maybe some day in the future I’ll continue on with that series. I do really like Holly Black.

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    1. Hahah I read a lot of Rick Riordan’s books. I got caught up with everything released and then stopped and never picked them back up. Now there are just too many, I would need to re-read the beginning of the series and then all the new books and I just can’t add that many books to my TBR right now! I’m sorry you didn’t like The Wicked King, I know a couple different people who didn’t really like The Cruel Prince series either.

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    1. I hope you love her books if you end up reading them! If you like Pride and Prejudice and if you like Dragons I would 100% recommend HeartStone!!! (Even if you don’t like P&P I would still recommend it! But if you don’t like Dragons then you probably won’t like it 😂 )


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