Friday Favorite Five: Fantasy Books with Red Covers


Friday Favorite Five is a weekly meme hosted by Way Too Fantasy. This week’s topic is “Books with Red Covers


Since it is also Wyrd @ Wonder I am going to tweak the topic to be:

Fantasy Books with Red Covers

Honorable Mentions:

Favorite Five:

Also I would like to point out that Victoria Schwab is the queen of black and red covers:


17 thoughts on “Friday Favorite Five: Fantasy Books with Red Covers

  1. I must admit, one of my favourite combinations for colour is either red and white or red and black — all the books you’ve highlighted aren’t exactly the ones I’d select to read with the exception of “Eldest” – though I’m on the fence about that series now — despite having a few of the books in sequence of it. I love how bold book covers can become and how inventive they are getting in regards to how they use a fusion of resources to create the look & aesthetic – something you did well to highlight on this post. I do happen to be a bit more old school for #SpecFic – I really love the original illustrations or at least for the artwork to be co-dependent on the story inside the book rather than to be ‘inspired by’ the story and perhaps not match it completely. Of your favourite five, which did you read that you felt matched the cover the best!?

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    1. I love red and black and white covers, I think they are super striking. I loved the Eragon series, so I hope you like it if you decide to read it! Oh man that is a super tough question! All the covers pull in specific aspects of the story, but I love the items hidden within the crown in Nevernight, so I would probably choose that one!

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