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Friday Face Off: School

This is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, but currently run by Lynn’s Book Blog.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

This weeks theme:  A cover featuring a school.

My Choice: Princess Academy


Bloomsbury 2007 | Bloomsbury 2005 (1) | Bloomsbury 2015 (1) | Oniro 2008

Bloomsbury 2015 (2) | Bloomsbury 2005 (2) | Bloomsbury 2009 | Clavis 2008

Bloomsbury 2013 | Penerbit Atria 2009 | Ravensburger 2017 | Fabbri 2005

Young Publishers | Galera 2010 | Dolnoslaskie 2008 | ABC 2013

Folio 2009 | Gradiva 2008| Bookaholic Club 2010  | Taiwan Oriental 2016

Least Favorites:

These two bug me because it is a middle school book about a girl in a rural mountain town that is sent to an academy, with all the girls from her village, to learn how to be princesses.



I absolutely love the colors of the bottom left cover, but the girl looks a little too old for the story.  If she was younger that would be my favorite cover!



I love the expression on her face and the cover does a great job of capturing the story.  I only wish the boy wasn’t awkwardly right behind her head.

Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know in the comments!!

25 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: School

  1. I loved seeing all of these! But I’d have to agree with you, I think the one you chose is the best. The expression on her face captures Miri’s determination I think. I also really like the Bloomsbury 2005 because that’s the version I read when it first came out.

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  2. This books looks to be a fabulous choice for this week’s subject – which I really, really struggled with, given I didn’t want to resort to THAT series:)). I love your favourite, though I rather lost my heart to the Bloomsbury 2013 cover because it’s just so darned pretty:)). Thank you for sharing these, Brittany!

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    1. Wait! is “THAT series” Harry Potter? Hahah I didn’t want to do HP because there a like 50 million covers 😂😂 I love the Bloomsbury 2013 cover, but the point of the book is that the main character is training to be a princess but she is outdoorsy and very much not pink and flowery 😂 So while that cover is super pretty, it didn’t make my favorites haha

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      1. Ahhh! And that is why it’s always an advantage to have read the book when sorting out covers… I don’t always manage it with the various themes, but I do try to:).

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  3. I think I like th Bloomsbury 2015 only because I think it’s the one most familiar to me? Heck, we may have that one around here somewhere. 🙂 I kinda like the 2005 Bloomsbury one as well .

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    1. I love that cover too! But I didn’t feel like it fit the book very well. One of the main plot points was that the main character was very much not princessy haha. But it is really pretty and I agree about the gold!


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