OwlCrate March 2019 Unboxing

Murder & Mayhem

March 2019 OwlCrate Box




  • Nevernight travel mug designed by Catarina Book Designs
  • Canvas drawstring backpack designed by Michelle Gray
  • Game of Thrones wooden bookmark by Wonder Designs
  • This Savage Song candle by In The Wick of Time
  • Three Dark Crowns sticker by Jamila Mehio
  • Four Dead Queens signed by author Astrid Scholte, plus a letter from the author, a character print and an exclusive pencil
  • Enamel compass pin with spinning arrow by Iron and Ink Designs

This isn’t my favorite box, but I didn’t expect it to be based on the theme.  I absolutely loved the last two boxes so its only fair I don’t like this one as much.

The mug is my favorite item in the box, but I find it super weird that the rubber heat thing completely covers the design.  The mug came with a warning to always use the rubber thing when drinking hot beverages because the glass will get hot.  They could have done a better job at incorporating the rubber thing into the design or making the mug out of a material that wouldn’t get hot.

I really like the bookmark! It says “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives”  I also like the back of the author letter, I am going to keep it as an art print.

These items are just “meh.”  I haven’t read Three Dark Crowns or Four Dead Queens yet so these items hold no interest.

I own a ton of drawstring backpacks so I don’t need another one.  But, it does seem to be made of really good quality and the print is cute, even if it isn’t my style.  I don’t like the scent of the candle at all! It is Black Cherry and Lime and I don’t like cherries and apparently I don’t like the smell of them either.  The pin is super cool and I love that the arrow spins!

Blue is my favorite color, so I like the regular cover better, but the OwlCrate edition has Deckled Edges which is cool.

Next Month’s theme is “The Dark Side”


The Dark Side seems similar enough to Murder and Mayhem that it probably won’t be my favorite, but hopefully it has some cool stuff!

24 thoughts on “OwlCrate March 2019 Unboxing

  1. Great review for the box!

    It wasn’t my favorite either and I would have preferred a tote rather than a drawstring bag just because I never use them. I do like the quaility and print so I may end up keeping it just to store things inside of it. I did really like the mug, but totally agree with you about the rubber sleeve. Like why would you want to cover the design!?!?

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    1. Thanks 😊

      I have just as many totes and drawstrings so I wouldn’t have cared one way or the other 😂 But I hope you find a use for it!! And yea the mug really bugs me how they did it!! So weird!


  2. I skipped this month because I already have the book. I do love the woodmark but she eventually puts them up on her site anyway so I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one! Torn on whether I’m skipping April… Hope you like it better though 🙂

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  3. I loved this box and tried using the mug without the rubber ring, because the design is wonderful, and burnt the heck out of my hand. Agree that it should have been made out of a better material so that the ring wouldn’t have been needed but still a great item.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! They were great boxes!! I’m trying to decided if I want to take a break from it or not…. I’ve got a good pile of their books that I haven’t read yet. Then I fear missing an awesome box. haha

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