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P is for Pterodactyl

P is for Pterodactyl

The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

by Raj Haldar, Chris Carpenter, and Maria Beddia



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The first time I read this book I was disappointed at how few of the words I knew, and I didn’t enjoy it because I missed the jokes because I didn’t know the weird pronunciations.  I was ready to give the book only 3 stars.  But then at the end of the book there was a glossary with all the pronunciations and definitions! So once I read those this book became everything I had hoped it would be!

I think this book would be great for kids who know their basic spellings and are old enough to realize that the English language is a bit crazy!




10 thoughts on “P is for Pterodactyl

    1. Oh that sounds awesome! And I thought about giving this to my niece! (in order to mess with my sister 😂) but I liked it too much I decided to keep it (I give her tons of other books!) Thats a great idea to record you reading to send to your nieces and nephews!


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