Books With Women On The Cover #WHMReadingChallenge

Women’s History Month Reading Challenge is hosted by Margaret @ Weird Zeal.  I am not participating in the actual reading challenge, but Margaret has also come up with a prompt for each Monday in March, and I will be doing those!

Last Week’s Prompt was Female Characters That Inspire Me

This Week’s Prompt is Books with Women on the Cover


I want to highlight this cover in particular because I think it makes a huge statement with a bad-ass gun-wielding breast feeding mother on it! Plus it was drawn by a woman! The amazing Fiona Staples.

Here are some of my favorite covers featuring Women:

And last but not least here is giant collage of other books I have read with women on the covers:

19 thoughts on “Books With Women On The Cover #WHMReadingChallenge

  1. What a great selection of women’s covers. I love your featured one showing the breastfeeding mom! You don’t have to sit in a chair to nurse! I also loved Girl with a Pearl Earring. Our book club read that years ago and we still talk about how good it was!

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  2. This is such a beautiful selection of covers!! 😍 I love how many different styles and genres you’ve included! And you’re right that the cover of Saga is amazing – I love how it portrays a breastfeeding mother as so badass! I have yet to read that comic, but that cover is certainly memorable!

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  3. I love the cover for Wendy, though I’m not a fan of the side view. She still looks badass though! Same for Heroine Complex as well. I particularly like the Saga one with the gun-wielding breast-feeding mother because not only does it feature a POC character, it’s also an amazing statement? Women can be mothers and still be badass. 😀

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