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The Tea Dragon Society

The Tea Dragon Society

by Katie O’Neill


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This book was included in the OwlCrate February 2019 Box, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  We got a special edition cover that I love.  I am not a huge fan of the white, but I think the picture encompasses the story much better.


The best part about this book is the artwork and the creatures.  They are adorable and I want them all to be real so bad! Katie O’Neill is both the author and the artist, and her artwork is incredible ❤  I want to read her other Graphic Novels just so that I can see more of her art.

The story itself was cute but I felt it was underdeveloped and too short.  I know its a graphic novel but it felt more like a Children’s picture book.  I didn’t learn till after I read it, that Katie O’Neill writes “gentle fantasy stories for younger readers.”  This explains a lot, but I feel the story still have had more depth and still be geared toward younger readers.  For example, the fire cat thing that is a constant companion to the main character.  This is the full introduction/explanation we get:


I need more information than that!!! I love this little cat thing and I want to know what it is!

Despite the shortness of the story, I would still recommend this book purely for the art.  Its a easy fun read and I am so glad I own my own copy because I love it!


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