The Television Tag!


I was tagged by the lovely Leslie @ Books are the New Black ❤ Go check out her blog! Its awesome (and so is Leslie).  The tag was originally created by Kayley Hyde.

I don’t watch a ton of TV, and when I do I usually binge watch them and then forget about them.  So my answers might be a little lame!

Favorite shows?

  • Supernatural
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Friends
  • Firefly
  • Bones
  • Pride and Prejudice (BBC TV Mini-Series 1995)
  • Gilmore Girls

Favorite genre?

For books this is easily SciFi / Fantasy but for TV I still love SciFi / Fantasy but I tend to watch easy going shows that you don’t have to pay super close attention.

Least favorite show?

The News (does that count as a show?)

Most re-watched show/favorite show to binge watch?

Big Bang Theory – for the first 10 seasons I would binge watch the entire show every time a new season came out on DVD.  But then it got to be too many and I haven’t watched the last two seasons yet.

Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge-watching?

Binge Watching! I don’t have a TV provider so I watch all my shows on Netflix so it is all binge watching for me! (plus I hate waiting for new episodes)

Favorite television characters?

Dean from Supernatural ❤ And Elizabeth from the Pride and Prejudice

Favorite television ships?

Bones and Booth

Show you could never get into?

Gray’s Anatomy – My mom and sister love it but I couldn’t get into it (and I am super squeamish so that didn’t help)

Show you fell out of love with?

I have yet to finish Supernatural or Big Bang theory, but I still love them both.

Cancelled too soon?


Guilty pleasure show?

Pretty much everything I binge watch.  Recently it has been Schitt’s Creek, Lucifer, and Friends.

What are you currently watching?

Gilmore Girls – I am loving it ❤

I Tag

As always, don’t feel obligated to participate! If you do, let me know so I can check out your answers!

31 thoughts on “The Television Tag!

  1. Firefly! I actually saw the movie first and then watched the show so I knew what was coming but it broke my heart even more. And there’s a run of seasons 2-5 where I could probably have recited Big Bang episodes by heart. That show is one that helps me when my anxiety is bad so I’ll always love it! Fun tag 🙂

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  2. I just added Schitt’s Creek to my list. I have yet to see it. Sounds funny. When it comes to avoiding the news that is smart of you. It’s nothing more than endless propaganda. Who needs that kind of headache.

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  3. The last two seasons of TBBT haven’t been tooooo bad, we get to see Amy & Sheldon doing a social experiments (fave thing to watch), but, oo, boy, they need to give more screen time and better stories for Howard who, for me, was the funniest.

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  4. I could never get into Grey’s Anatomy either! I am one season behind on Supernatural because I don’t get the CW. I think it’s so crazy how they keep going but last season was really good! Still quite intriguing.

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  5. Oh such a fun tag, is it only for tv? Or can netflix apply to it too? I mean I’ve watched a couple of things on tv, but things like Vampire Diaries that was shown on tv, I was actually watching it from Netflix because I was too lazy to go down and use the tv downstairs xD

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