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OwlCrate Wicked King Box




  • The High King wood wick candle by Alchemy and Ink
  • Acorn Necklace by OwlCrate
  • Faerie Fruit Tea by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe
  • Undersea soap by Leeloo Soaps
  • Cotton Scarf by Bookmark’d Tattoos
  • Zipper Pouch by Reverie and Ind
  • Bookmark by Indigo Eleven
  • Art Print by Melanie Bourgeois (@meliescribbles)
  • Golden Foil Pin by That’s Lovely Dear
  • Enamel pin by Little, Brown Publishing
  • The Wicked King signed by Holly Black

The tea wasn’t bad! Which is saying a lot because I am super picky with my tea.  The bookmark is nice too.

I love the pins, they will go with my collection (which I need to find a way to display!) I also really like the necklace, but it is Gold and I almost exclusively wear silver jewelry.  But I get why it has to be gold because the acorn from the book was golden.  The pouch is cool and you can never have to many pouches!!

The art print is lovely and I recognize the scene from The Cruel Prince!  The soap seems to be unscented and is pretty but a little random.  The candle smells really really good but in a manly way. I don’t have any candles like that so its cool! The scarf is absolutely gorgeous and I love it and I need to find something to wear it with! I like the sketch at the bottom of the letter!

Finally the signed edition of The Wicked King!!! I love the foiled cover! Its hard to tell but its green.  The only thing I am bummed about is that I don’t have the OwlCrate exclusive Cruel Prince cover so my copy doesn’t match 😦


If anyone has the OwlCrate cover edition of The Cruel Prince that they don’t want I will buy it from you!!! Please email me! I will love you forever!

17 thoughts on “OwlCrate Wicked King Box

  1. Exclusive editions are probably the only way I could ever be convinced to sign up for book subscription boxes. I’m not really one for the random knickknacks and swag that come in them, but special edition books are another story. That one is beautiful!

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    1. Haha I love random nickknacks and things like that 😀 so I love getting OwlCrate! But I know its not for everyone. My sister is fairly minamilst and not very sentimental about things, so she has barely any knicknack in her house!

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    1. They aren’t for everyone! But I love them haha. I am super picky with my tea as well, but a couple boxes ago they included some tea I never would have tried on my own and I ended up really liking it, so that was cool.


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