December Wrap Up

I can’t believe we are already a week into the new year! Its crazy! I wasn’t going to do a December Wrap Up post because I did a 2018 Wrap Up post, but I realized that there were a could posts I wanted to highlight from December, so now I am doing this post!


Books I read:


Around the Blogosphere:

  • The Sunday Exchange – A Post about an Interesting Character
    • by Pages Unbound
    • This is actually a post linking to a post I really liked.  Pages Unbound goes into their opinions on Severus Snape and I agree 110%
  • Newbie in the Blogosphere
    • by Reader Witch
    • While I enjoyed the whole post, I particularly loved this line: “paper books are pretty, Kindle books are practical, audiobooks are a lifesaver if for some reason you can’t use the previous two.”
  • The Librarian Box
    • by Thrifty Bibliophile
    • I have never heard of this subscription box before but it is freaking amazing and I want it! (and Rae takes amazing pictures!)
  • Borrow Free Ebooks and Audiobooks with Libby
    • by Tales of Belle
    • I have been meaning to write a post about how awesome Libby is, but I have never gotten around to it, so go check out Karalee’s post because I will never get to it (and if I did it wouldn’t be nearly this good!)



I am sure I won’t get to all of these (because we are already 1/4th of the way through December and I haven’t read a single one) but these are the books coming up that I want to read!


What was your favorite book you read in December? What books are you looking forward to in January? Have you read any of the book on my TBR? Lets chat!

Random Question – Did anyone else’s WordPress buttons turn pink? Mine used to be blue or teal I think, but now they are pink?

26 thoughts on “December Wrap Up

  1. WordPress has been driving me crazy lately so I didn’t even notice when the button turned! At least it’s a pretty color 🙂

    I need to read Dragon Shadow this month. Keep pushing it back for new books but I’m so going to do it. Happy reading!

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    1. Haha it is a pretty color! Tho I tend to like blues more than pinks 😂 so it threw me off a bit!

      I was soooo excited for Dragon Shadow but I was in such a bad reading slump that I never actually got around to it and now it keeps getting pushed back!


  2. Yes, I noticed the pink button! It’s such a random thing to change, but I think I like it? I’m just glad they’re still letting us use the classic editor.

    And glad to hear you loved Vicious! I like that you mentioned that it’s got no romance and is more of a found-family thing. I need more of those stories. 🙂

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  3. I can kind of tell based on your tbr reads that your favorite books are fantasy am I right (;
    I’ve never loved dragon books as much as other people. I do want to try Eragon one of these days.
    That Librarian box actually looks really great even if I don’t drink. It looks like it has a lot of things in it that people will actually use.
    Do you mean 1/4th of January? I know what you mean though. I put a lot of books on my tbr list this January because I tend to read the most this month. But, I just really need that one book to give me some momentum. In Her Skin is probably my favorite book I read in December. I’m looking forward to Are You Here for What I’m Here For? by Brian Booker. It seems to be dark short stories.

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    1. Haha yes! Fantasy is my favorite ❤ I think more than the Dragons I love the strong female warriors and lots of action (tho I love dragons too!!)

      And yes I definitely meant January not December 🤦 😂

      Good luck finding the momentum!! I know it can be super hard sometimes! Re-reading The Cruel Prince seems to have sparked that for me, but I don't have any non-fantasy books I could recommend to you :/

      Happy Reading!


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